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Thranduil: the true story

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Based on the recent Thranduil poll, I'd like to suggest a Thranduil Nuzgul that depicts him in a way faithful to Tolkien canon, and not as the cold, abusive bastard that seems to have become so popular in fandom.

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fael bain - Greenleaf
General Audience
Last Updated: 20 Mar 04
Thranduil returns from the war to an empty throne, his army annihlated, his father slain. His queen watches on, trying to beat away the darkness that surrounds him, and hope is finally rekindled with the coming of spring...
Jael - To Wrap An Elven Princeling
General Audience
Last Updated: 23 Nov 06
Did you ever wonder how Bilbo’s mithril shirt came to be in Smaug’s hoard? A surprise orc attack puts Thranduil into a crisis, and a very young Legolas must rely upon the kindness of strangers. If things weren’t bad enough -- enter the dragon.
Jay of Lasgalen - King's Promise, A
General Audience
Last Updated: 21 Sep 04
An extremely busy Thranduil receives a timely reminder about priorities, and the things that are truly important to him. A response to the 'Thranduil's Letter' challenge, both here and at Mirkwood Castle.


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Entry Date: 27 Sep 06

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Created: August 18, 2004

Challenge Topic: Character

Entries: 4

Originator: granamyr

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