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Ahem. Once again, this one was spawned by list discussions.

Where do Uruk-hai come from? Seems as though there's a widespread conviction among such diverse parties as Pippin, Treebeard, and Gamling the Old that they are the product of Saruman's cross-breeding program: Men and Orcs.

And so now you naturally want to know, what does the Roman Polanksi film "Rosemary's Baby" have to do with any of this? Well, if you know the movie, you probably know where I"m going with this. If you don't, here's a lovely and detailed guide to what happens. It's the end scenes that attract my attention:

Back to Isengard. It seems as though Tolkien probably envisioned Uruk-hai coming into the world more or less the same way that all humanoid races do. So how do their mothers feel about this? I'm assuming that Saruman either kidnaps Rohirrim women or else *somehow* convinces Dunlendings of either or both sexes to mate with Orcs. In either case, what are those mothers, who are giving birth to these... creatures... going to feel towards their children? Can any of these women be convincingly written as a Rosemary (in the sense that despite it all, she *is* the mother of her child and *will* care for it)?

There are no page limits on this one, nor POV limitations (although 1st person seems the obvious choice)--the only requirement is that you have to try for Rosemary, not Medea. Although... that, too, could be a fascinating mix of love and hate right there. Oh all right, Medea *or* Rosemary as motherly archetypes in this fic. Do try for Rosemary, though. And now that I've squicked myself, have fun!

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Cold Like Fire - Flower for Always, A
General Audience
Last Updated: 24 Jul 04
After the death of her Uruk-hai son, a Rohirrim woman reflects on her life thus far, and what she has lost. Written for the HASA "Sweet Child of Mine" nuzgul. New (and hopefully better) draft up.
Elana - Elana's Tale
Adult Audience
Last Updated: 02 Mar 03
Elana is a young peasant woman of Rohan who is abducted by orcs, setting in motion a chain of events that will lead to terror, joy, heartbreaking choices, and unexpected loves. Warnings for rape (not explicit, but a major part of the story), some violence, and vivid birth scenes.
Enros - Mother of Isengard
Adult Audience
Last Updated: 17 Jul 03
An ignorant and illiterate Dunlander, sold into slavery by her own village, is taken to Saruman’s Fortress of Isengard, where, with a most unlikely ally, she rises to a position of power and influence. Everything you ever wanted to know about Orcs and the Uruk-hai but were afraid to ask! Although this story was started before the appearance of 'Sweet Child of Mine' in the Nuzgul hutch, it looks like it will provide a good home for that plot bunny.
Salsify - Children of Hurin
Adult Audience
Last Updated: 23 Oct 04
A young woman finds out how far a mother's love can stretch when she is caught up in Saruman's orc breeding experiments. Written for the "Sweet Child of Mine" Nuzgul. Rating is for adult situations and language rather than explicit sex.
Zimraphel - Leave Us Not in Darkness
General Audience
Last Updated: 13 Jul 03
Tolkien never told of Saruman's worst deed. Written for the "Sweet Child of Mine" Nuzgul. (Warning: implied rape and some violence. Not everybody's cup of Earl Grey)


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Annatar the Fair
Entry Date: 10 Nov 04

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