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The Only Thing to Fear...

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... is fear itself.

Fear of flying. Fear of heights. Fear of spiders, snakes or other less savory creatures. Fear of the dark. Fear of small places. Those are all silly fears, of things that are really nothing to be afraid of.


Right! Still, most people suffer from one or another such irrational phobia. Would the heroes of Middle-earth be any different from us? I don't think so. But what secret fears might they be hiding?

The Challenge: give them fear! Maybe Boromir is truly creeped out when he finds ants in his bedroll. Or Aragorn has sweaty palms and a heart thudding in his throat when he is forced to venture once more into the darkness of Moria. Perhaps Pippin was secretly nearly wetting his pants when sitting high on Treebeard's shoulders. Or...

Any format: stories, drabbles, poetry etc.

Inspired by last month's discussion of creepy crawlies infesting the homes of arachnophobic HA-members. And really, nuzgul bunnies are nothing to fear...

Challenge closes: 31 October 2005 22 October 2007

The Challenge has finally garnered five stories from 11 entries and has been closed.

Entries with Stories

The following authors have entered a story in the Challenge.

Agape4Gondor - Finduilas - A Drabble
General Audience
Last Updated: 22 Oct 07
There is naught in Minas Tirith that gives her peace... but memories. And they grow few and far between.
EdorasLass - Protector
General Audience
Last Updated: 31 Mar 05
Faramir's discovered that Eowyn has a very weird phobia. Although of course he doesn't call it a "phobia". I have this phobia, and I am aware that it's weird. But be nice anyhow.
Werecat - Old Wives' Tales
General Audience
Last Updated: 30 Dec 06
A very pregnant and rather emotional Eowyn goes in search of a childhood relic and finds something unexpected. Through the words of a tale, the Shieldmaiden meets a Queen of old.

Mithrils 2005: Runner-up, Concerning Men
Werecat - Ailurophobia
General Audience
Last Updated: 27 Dec 05
Ailurophobia: "fear of felines". This story discusses the fate of one of Tolkien's abandoned characters from the Lost Tales - this of Tevildo, Prince of Cats. From a feline nazgul Vulgarweed tossed at me and could well be listed as "black humor".
Mithril Awards 2004 - COMMENDED /Finalist - Best Humor
2004 Galvorn Awards: Winner - Best Cat
MEFAs 2005: Second Place, Humor/Animals
Werecat - And all in evil ended be
General Audience
Last Updated: 22 May 05
Not all of Morgoth's minions perished - some survived even the Ring War. A drabble, probably a bit AU.


The following authors have entered a placeholder in the Challenge.

Entry Date: 26 Mar 05
Entry Date: 20 Dec 04
Karigan Rohanna
Entry Date: 24 May 05
Entry Date: 30 Dec 06
Vistula the Dunadan
Entry Date: 31 Oct 04
Entry Date: 31 Oct 04

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Open Date: October 31, 2004

Closed: October 22, 2007

Challenge Topic: Culture/Society/Politics

Entries: 11

Originator: AmandaK

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