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(Correct me if I've gotten the name wrong). She captivated me in what few lines of text Tolkien gave her. She was one of the Faithful, heir of her father, but she was raped by a relative who also forced her to marry him and took her throne. Rape in itself is traumatic. But then forced to marry the rapist? And also the loss of her kingdom to one who was not of the Faithful. She has no happy days to look forward to. In the end, Ar-Pharazon attacks Valinor, bringing about the end of Numenor and Miriel with it. Someone needs to write her story. She didn't get a happy life, let her have a story to be remembered by.

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Aramel - Embracing the wave
General Audience
Last Updated: 12 Aug 03
The thoughts of Tar-Miriel at the drowning of Numenor. Written for the Tar-MIriel challenge.
Celandine Brandybuck - Choice Once Made, A
General Audience
Last Updated: 25 Jan 03
Tar-Miriel, the last Queen of Numenor, reflects on her life as the ships commanded by her husband Ar-Pharazon sail to Valinor in the West. Brief reference to implied non-con sex, but nothing explicit; no language or violence. By Celandine.
Elithien - U elyë, Ar-Pharazôn.
General Audience
Last Updated: 04 May 03
A story based on Tar-Miriel's thoughts towards her husband Ar-Pharazon before the sinking of Numenor.
Regina - And These Pearls That Were Her Eyes
Adult Audience
Last Updated: 17 Jan 04
On the final two days of her life, Tar-Miriel, last queen of Numenor, reflects upon her unhappy marriage, her one moment of bravery, and her ultimate fate. Explicit non-con sex.
Zimraphel - Eleventh Hour, The
General Audience
Last Updated: 15 Mar 04
Why did Tar-Miriel not board one of the nine ships and escape Numenor with the other Faithful? Written for the Tar-Miriel Challenge.

Mithril Awards 2003 - Commended - Best Drama


The following authors have entered a placeholder in the Challenge.

Entry Date: 11 Jan 03

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Open Date: November 24, 2002

Closed: November 24, 2003

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Entries: 6

Originator: Ainaechoiriel

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