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As Beren looked into her eyes
Within the shadows of her hair,
The trembling starlight of the skies
He saw there mirrored shimmering.
Tinuviel the elven-fair,
Immortal maiden elven-wise,
About him cast her shadowy hair
And arms like silver glimmering.

So Aragorn sang when he first met Arwen. Obviously, the man knew his love poetry and tragic lays.

But was he a poet himself? Did he keep a small journal squirreled away in his pack, writing reams of poetry in secret?

Is anyone willing to discover his writings?

Our beloved Ranger probably wrote lots of angsty poetry declaring his love for Arwen as a lovestruck boy. Maybe Thorongil wrote poetry dedicated to the White City, or to Finduilas. He could even have written about Denethor being a prat. Or there could be poetry from a king to his queen, or of the love he had for his children.

Any style of poetry, and any length: just show us some verse penned by Aragorn at any point in his life!

Courtesy of Elvenesse.

Challenge closes February 13, 2005.

Entries with Stories

The following authors have entered a story in the Challenge.

Alawa - Ranger Rhymes
General Audience
Last Updated: 13 Feb 05
There once was a ...
Alawa - Idle Leaves
General Audience
Last Updated: 05 Feb 05
Flotsam and jetsam from Aragorn’s rucksack.
Cold Like Fire - Isildur's Heir, Arwen's Hair
General Audience
Last Updated: 14 Nov 04
Sometimes, even future-would-be-kings should not write poetry . . . Written for the Aragorn Poetry Challenge. Filled with scewed rhyme and meter, random tidbits, and things we did not know (or want to know).
Elemmire - Journals of a Vagabond
General Audience
Last Updated: 28 Dec 04
Verse. Aragorn reflects on love, duty, and destiny. For the ‘Aragorn Poetry Writing Challenge’.
Elvenesse - Arwen, My Love
General Audience
Last Updated: 28 Jan 05
A young Aragorn must have tried to put his feelings for Arwen into writing after first meeting her - or even worse: poetry. After all, how do you think Elrond *really* found out how Aragorn felt about his daughter.
Telperion the White - Hobbit, The
General Audience
Last Updated: 01 May 06
This is an attempt to render the story of 'The Hobbit' in rhyme, even as Bilbo himself might have done if the days had been happier and fate kinder.
Telperion the White - Balrogy
General Audience
Last Updated: 17 May 04
An account of Gandalf's fight with the Balrog on the Last bridge, inspired by Lewis Carrol's poem Jabberwocky
Vilwarin - Kingly Poetry
General Audience
Last Updated: 21 Nov 04
Written for the "Aragorn Poetry Writing Challenge" in which Faramir makes an interesting discovery.
Vistula the Dunadan - Companions Nine
General Audience
Last Updated: 15 Apr 05
Verses on the nine companions of the fellowship, written from Aragorn's point of view. Written for the Aragorn Poetry Challenge


The following authors have entered a placeholder in the Challenge.

Entry Date: 28 Jan 05
Entry Date: 19 Nov 04

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Open Date: November 13, 2004

Closed: February 13, 2005

Challenge Topic: Poetry

Entries: 11

Originator: Elvenesse

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