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Many of Tolkien's characters are people of high position, and are given great respect and honor.

However, even Dunedain kings and elven princesses were children once upon a time...

How were our favorite characters like as children? Were Elrond and Celebrian's twins really mischevious pranksters (as fanon often portrays them) and drove Glorfindel insane? Did Eowyn play under Theoden's council table with toy soldiers and riders? Did Legolas ever announce that he wanted nothing for mettare but a pet spider?

How about the first age? Was Galadriel a child terror in Tirion? Did Luthien go through the terrible teens, and drive her divine mother crazy? How about Feanor and Nerdanel: how was life having a brood of seven sons? How were the cousins of the royal Noldorin family (Feanor's, Fingolfin's, and Finarfin's children) treated?

Any kid, any time, any frazzled parent/older sibling/caretaker chasing after them/finding them/tearing their hair out over their exploits. The kid should be young enough to NOT get into much trouble about it: between birth and early teens (or the human equivalent).

Challenge closes: 2 December 2004

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AmandaK - Life Lesson
General Audience
Last Updated: 25 May 05
En route from Dol Amroth to Minas Tirith a young Boromir learns a lesson that will remain with him for the rest of his life.
EdorasLass - Tips for Dealing With Children
General Audience
Last Updated: 06 Feb 05
Formerly "Be Specific", but I had so much fun thinking about Pippin as a child that I've decided to do a childhood vignette on several people. Will add characters to the list as applicable.
Gandalfs apprentice - Bedtime
General Audience
Last Updated: 10 Jun 05
What kind of games does Eldarion play?


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Entry Date: 27 Sep 06
Entry Date: 08 May 06

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