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In 'The Hobbit' Tolkien wrote about Beorn, a man who could change into a bear. His descendants, the Beornings, are said to have the same ability. But surely, with Middle-earth being so large and inhabited by a multitude of unusual beings there is a very real possibility that the Beornings weren't the only Skin-changers. So why not write about these unique Men? There's a world of possibilities!

  • When and how did they acquire the ability to change into an animal?
  • How would Skin-changers perceive Arda, seeing that they would probably have a much stronger bond to it than other Men?
  • What would their interaction with other Men be like? And for that matter, Dwarwes, Elves, Hobbits etc.?
  • The way of life of Skin-changers - social structure, culture, tradition, religious beliefs if any.
  • And most importantly of all, how did Beorn's bees get so huge? Steroids? :p

Courtesy of Malva Headstrong.

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angelsfyre1 - Hellfire
Adult Audience
Last Updated: 15 May 06
A mysterious ranger is called by Gandalf to attend the Coucil of Elrond and reluctantly follows the Fellowship to find destiny foretold.


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Adoption Date: 08 Feb 05

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