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Monster fic: Tolkien's original intenttions were that Glorfindel would be the Elf in the Nine Walkers, but in his first revisions he changed his mind and decided to throw in some ordinary Elf, to keep the idea of ordinary people doing extraordinary things -thus Legolas, low profile royalty like Boromir and Gimli but pretty common an Elf himself.

So what if Tolkien hadn't changed his mind? How would having a former balrog slayer noldor among the Walkers affect the whole quest? Would Glorfindel ever get along with Gimli like Legolas did? What would that mean to the truce between races conquered with their friendship? Would he have been of more value in battle or advice than Legolas?

And, most tricky of all, would Gandalf still have fallen in Moria? If not, would he had become the White? If he did fall and come back stronger, what would his power summed to Glorfindel's represent as a threat to Saruman and/or Sauron? Show us what would be Middle Earth‘s destiny had Elrond made but this choice differently.

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Clarenova - Glorfindel the Walker
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Glorfindel the Walker Nazgul moster-fic AU response.


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