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The Valar in Tolkien's mythos become pretty detached from the rest of the world, in most people's opinion. They're not around, though we never know what they're seeing and taking interest in.

This is food for thought. Might they be particularly interested in certain cases, watching the events? Could they possibly even influence the events around a particular person or place, or even change the behaviour of a person they're 'rooting for'?

I'd assume this change wouldn't be much; just a little nudge this way or that. After all, I doubt they'd be able to completely wrench a person's mind, and it might be more difficult for more powerful beings.

Or if you take an opposite stance: why not? What makes the Valar decide not to get involved? Are they unable to? Has Iluvatar forbidden it?

Whatever you think, write a story that involves your viewpoint. It could be about a certain character and the Valarin interference in his life. Perhaps the character could wish the Valar helped him out a bit.

And you know they tell you to be careful what you wish for...

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Meril - Divine Intervention
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Last Updated: 19 Jan 09
“For you are goddesses, inside on everything, know everything. But we mortals hear only the news, and know nothing at all.” --Homer


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