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Return to Valinor, A

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Celeborn. We know that he stayed on in Middle-Earth for quite a while - but eventually he'd have to go to Valinor, wouldn't he?

So, write a story in which Celeborn arrives on the shores of Valinor - and he's late.

Here are some deas you could use for this one:

  • In-laws. He's going to be meeting Finarfin and Earwen for the first time. What would they think of this backwood Sindarin prince who has married their daughter? Earwen could provide a Telerin viewpoint, if you wish.
  • Meeting Feanorians again - it's not entirely silly to suppose that perhaps some of the Feanorians have left Mandos. Celeborn doesn't exactly have a very happy relationship with this little lot, either.
  • Thingol? He's probably left Mandos's halls, too. Is it very unlikely to suppose that he and Celeborn would be rather pally again?
  • Celeborn himself - what is his mental state like? He's probably not a very chipper Elf - seeing what those confounded Humans have done to Arda can't have been good for him.

Courtesy of Noldo.

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