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Often, original characters can be three-dimensional and fit well into the different cultures of Middle-earth, and still fill somewhat predictable roles. Female OCs often feature as a canonical character's love interests, and Male OCs provide a "common man"'s perspective, or provide characters that Tolkien never wrote, the canonical character's relatives, friends, and servants.

Now it's time to flip the tables. Stories in this challenge should focus on one of the following:

* A female OC in a non-romance. The world needs more Ioreths!

* A male OC in a romance, with a canonical character. Either slash or het is acceptable.

Have fun!

Entries with Stories

The following authors have entered a story in the Challenge.

EdorasLass - Promise in Her Eyes, The
General Audience
Last Updated: 23 Feb 05
A travelling minstrel recalls a memorable kiss in Edoras. A bit o' fluff for the Original Characters Challenge.
Loremaster of Anorien - Tears and Red Blood Flowing
General Audience
Last Updated: 20 May 05
A princess of Harad sees her soldiers off to war and learns what is to come.
Marta - Stock and Stone
General Audience
Last Updated: 01 Apr 07
Ten years after the events of The Hobbit a girl from the Lonely Mountain and a boy from Dale meet for the first time. OCs only, obviously, though draws heavily from both The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. No objectionable material.
Marta - His Precious
General Audience
Last Updated: 17 Aug 04
Smeagol's old beau sees him several years after he is expelled from his family hole and thinks back to their relationship before he found the Ring.
Marta - Summer Nights
Adult Audience
Last Updated: 09 Jun 04
The summer of 3000 is the hottest one Faramir can remember. When he finds himself lost in Dol Amroth he stumbles into a situation he would never have faced in Minas Tirith and is forced to confront inherited beliefs he has never had cause to question. Warning: This piece discusses mature themes. Read at your own discretion.
Meril - Burdens
General Audience
Last Updated: 18 Jan 09
The Exiles carry many things with them on their way to Arda...
SarWolf - Midsummer's Night
General Audience
Last Updated: 23 Jun 05
A chapter of a longer work in progress detailing events of the Silmarilion through the eyes of Maedhros's scribe. A year after Fingon's death, everything has changed, or has it? Features Maedhros, Maglor and an OFC.
Werecat - Old Wives' Tales
General Audience
Last Updated: 30 Dec 06
A very pregnant and rather emotional Eowyn goes in search of a childhood relic and finds something unexpected. Through the words of a tale, the Shieldmaiden meets a Queen of old.

Mithrils 2005: Runner-up, Concerning Men
Werecat - When All Lights Pass
General Audience
Last Updated: 04 Mar 06
Set at Pelargir after the Battle of Fornost, this story deals with a young man suffering from the Black Shadow, a desperate mother and two strange travellers, one clad in grey and one in earthen brown.

They say that the hands of the king can heal... and there were other kings in Arda before Aragorn’s time.

Probably AU, this story also draws inspiration from H.P.Lovecraft's "Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath".
MEFAs 2005 - First Place, AUs, pre-LotR
Mithrils 2005 - Quarter Finalist, AU/Crossover


The following authors have entered a placeholder in the Challenge.

Entry Date: 02 Apr 05
Entry Date: 25 Feb 05
Entry Date: 03 Mar 05
Entry Date: 21 May 05
Entry Date: 05 Mar 05

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Open Date: February 20, 2005

Closed: May 21, 2005

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Originator: Marta

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