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...being what I am and a race of the West unmingled, I shall have life far longer than other men... when those who are now in the wombs of women are born and have grown old, I too shall grow old...
~Aragorn, Return of the King 6-V

This is with a thought to the implications of living a very, very long time, compared to those around you who you might just get quite attatched to.

Aragorn has got a point. By the end of his 210 years, he'll have worked with 4 or possibly 5 stewards (somebody out there will know, I'm sure- who died first, Aragorn or Elboron?) from Ecthalion to Barahir- he was the same age as Denethor, but married at roughly the same time as Faramir, and I suppose can expect death at roughly the same time as Elboron; and presumably the same number of kings of Rohan (from Thengal to Elfwine or, probably, Elfwine's son (again, no doubt there's someone out there who knows his name). And plenty of others besides, of course.

But this might as well be broadend out- he's not alone in this.

For a start there's the immortals in general. Any of the elves who do have dealings with men or other short-lived peoples must notice how they seem to change around awfully quickly, and before you know it you're dealing with thier great-great grandsons. Does it bother them? Do they even differenciate much between generations? Do they see lines of heridatory that pass the humans by?

Then there's those who have particular attatchments, Elrond being the first that comes to mind, watching over those men who at least some of whom are his god-knows-how-many-times-great-nephews and nieces.

And of course those who are mortal- just much longer lived than others, or just have a life-cycle out of sync with other races. Do hobbits find it disconcerting how fast human children grow up?

Courtesy of Soubrettina.

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MerryK - New Seasons
General Audience
Last Updated: 07 Jan 07
Aragorn takes on a new Steward, and they discuss longevity and legends by a cozy fire. Written to defang the "Many Generations of Men" nuzgul.
Raksha - The Tracks of Time
General Audience
Last Updated: 20 Jul 06
Legolas grapples with mortality as he sees the world, and his friends, change. A 300-word vignette. (Thanks to Branwyn for beta-ing, and to lindahoyland for helpful suggestions).


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Gandalfs apprentice
Adoption Date: 20 May 05
Adoption Date: 01 Aug 05
Adoption Date: 19 Apr 05

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