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July 2005 Birthday Drabbles

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A collection of the drabbles written for people with birthdays in July, 2005. Every month HASA members may request birthday card drabbles (a story of exactly 100 words) on a topic of their choosing. See how much can be said in only a hundred words. This is an ongoing project, so if you would like to request a drabble or write a drabble for others, please feel free to join HASA and get in on the fun. Requests are made in the HASA Birthday Cards Forum.

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ErinRua - Erin's 2005 Birthday prezzies
General Audience
Last Updated: 05 Aug 05
Erin's 2005 Birthday Drabbles: gifts from the kind muses of others. My B-day drabble request is: I would like to see any interaction between any Rohirrim, canon or oc, and any Dunedain. Be it one of the Grey Company at any point in their dealings with Theoden's host or some other encounter, I would like to see any interaction between Rohirrim and Dunedain. Perhaps when the Grey Company first met up with Aragorn, or on the Pelannor Fields or at the Black Gate, or after the war was done ... Or it could be a meeting of women, if no male muses speak up. Wherever your imagination places you!
Marta - Marta's 2005 Birthday Drabbles
General Audience
Last Updated: 02 Aug 05
Drabbles written for my birthday on the following prompt: I'm interested in moments between cultures where one considers itself more civilised than the other. What did the "less civilised" think of the "more civilised". A good example is the Gondorians and the Rohirrim. Faramir describes the Rohirrim as "middle men", and strongly suggests that they're less civilised than Gondorians. So what did the Rohirrim think of the Gondorians? Pick any such pair. Noldor/Sindar, Shire-hobbits/hobbits outside of the Shire, Elves/Dwarves, Bree-men/Dunedain Rangers (or the other way around on that one), Men/Orcs. And give me a glimpse of what the "other side" thought of the supposed superiors. Bonus points if you can bring Celeborn into it in some fashion.
Vilwarin - Vilwarin's 2005 Birthday Presents
General Audience
Last Updated: 28 Jul 05
My birthday is on July 25th. I love the northern Rangers (especially Halbarad), so I would like to have something with Halbarad and perhaps Aragorn. Post-war Aragorn with Arwen, Faramir, Éomer, Dari or children in general would be fine too. You may choose the rating, though some smutty het would be highly appreciated *smug grin*. But no slash please.

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Open Date: June 29, 2005

Closed: July 31, 2005

Challenge Topic: Birthday

Entries: 3

Originator: Gwynnyd

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