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This is JRRT from appendix F: It was, however, one of the peculiarities of Shire-usage that the deferential forms had gone out of colloquial use. They lingered only among the villagers, especially of the Westfarthing, who used them as endearments. This was one of the things referred to when people of Gondor spoke of the strangeness of Hobbit-speech. Peregrin Took, for instance, in his first few days in Minas Tirith used the familiar forms to people of all ranks, including the Lord Denethor himself. This may have amused the aged Steward, but it must have astonished his servants. No doubt this free use of the familiar forms helped to spread the popular rumour that Peregrin was a person of very high rank in his own country.

This is, in essence, a joke that Tolkien couldn't tell in English, within the confines of his narrative. My Nuzgul, then, is this: to write a story about this, without shifting PoV out of Middle Earth, the way JRRT had to do when he put the above note in the appendices? IIRC, Tolkien is writing 'I use English for Westron' -- ie, he's comparing then (middle Earth) with now (20th c).

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