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Silmarils are an Elf's Best Friend...

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A kiss on the hand may be quite Valinorean
But Silmarils are an Elf's best friend!
A kiss may be grand but won't fight the glamhoth
in Dorthonion, or help you at the Nirnaeth.
Men grow cold as dwarves grow old
And we all lose our charms in the end.
But square-cut or pear-shaped
These rocks don't lose their shape.
Silmarils are an Elf's best friend!

Sorry, couldn't help myself....

But shiny things -- gems and jewelry -- have often played a significant role in the history of Arda. They've inspired greed and wars, whether they've been natural, like the Arkenstone, or crafted, like the Nauglamír. They've brought healing and union: the Elessar, and the Ring of Barahir. And, of course, we all know the effect of the Silmarils and the One Ring....

This challenge is to write a piece focused on a canonical gem, item of jewelry or an item adorned with gems. Show us the power and meaning of gems in Arda. (The challenge is also open to stories about jewels not specifically mentioned by Tolkien but which can still be clearly tied to a canonical source, such as an anonymous "random" jewel in a large canonical hoard.)

Some of the things you might want to write about include: the Sceptre of Manwë, the Elendilmir, the Crown of Gondor, the banner of Aragorn, Morgoth's Crown, Narya, Nenya or Vilya, elven-brooches, the necklace of Girion, Glamdring, Orcrist, the sheaths of Andúril, Herugrim, Merry's sword and Pippin's sword, Smaug's hoard, Bilbo's mithril coat, and the cup of Thror.

Courtesy of your research elves, Tanaqui and Elena Tiriel.

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The following authors have entered a story in the Challenge.

Elena Tiriel - Claws
General Audience
Last Updated: 12 Oct 07
Drabble: A dark creature covets a gem from Smaug's hoard...

For the "Silmarils are an Elf's Best Friend" challenge, August 2005.

Middle Earth Fanfiction Awards (MEFA 2006):
2nd Place, Villains: Fixed-Length Ficlets
Elena Tiriel - Shadow of Fear
General Audience
Last Updated: 01 Nov 05
A haunting drabble for the 2005 Halloween Challenge.
Elena Tiriel - Moon Shadow
General Audience
Last Updated: 29 Sep 05
Drabble: Isildur witnesses an attempt to obtain the One Ring. For Tanaqui's birthday, September 2005.
Gandalfs apprentice - Elfstone
General Audience
Last Updated: 08 Dec 06
A drabble on Elven magic: Celebrimbor creates the Elessar. 2006 MEFAwards--WINNER--FIRST PLACE--BEST ELVES FIXED LENGTH FICLET
Jay of Lasgalen - Dragon's Gold
General Audience
Last Updated: 09 Mar 06
For the 'Silmarils are an Elf's Best Friend' challenge, and posted at the prompting of Elena Tiriel. Originally written for the Tolkien Weekly 'Shiny' challenge - but it works here too!
Salsify - Written in Stone
General Audience
Last Updated: 20 Nov 12

After the fall of Moria, Thrain finds it hard to persuade his people and himself that there is still hope for the future in their new settlement of Erebor


The following authors have entered a placeholder in the Challenge.

Entry Date: 08 May 06
Tárion Anaróre
Entry Date: 30 Aug 05

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Open Date: August 30, 2005

Closed: May 30, 2006

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Originator: HASA Resources

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