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Change One Thing, See What Happens

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What would happen if one thing was changed during the Silmarillion or the Lord of the Rings?

What if Turin's father, Hurin, had given into Morgoth and had told him where Gondolin was? Would it have fallen? Would Elrond, or any of his kids, for that matter, have ever been born? What about his father? What if Arwen had left Middle-earth? How would that have affected Aragorn? What if Glorfindel would have lost to the Balrog, or the elves had never gone to Aman?

The possibilities are really endless. You would just write a story about the consequences of changing one thing, whether simple or castrophic.

Challenge closes: 7 September 2005

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Alassante - Paradox of the Fourth Age
Adult Audience
Last Updated: 16 Feb 10
One wrong decision can make a world of difference. When one of the Fellowship makes the mistake, the consequences are so severe that only the Valar can repair it. But will they?

Glorfindel daughter's life is in Elrohir's hands and only she remembers their love for each other. The fate of Middle Earth depends on everyone walking their intended path.Torn between the past and the future, she is forbidden to warn them of any missteps.

2006 MEFA Winner - 3rd Place - AU: Incomplete, The Faramir Goes to Rivendell Award


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