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Boromir's Trial

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Ok, I've been around and seen a number of AUs where Boromir lives. The scenario is generally one of two:

1) He doesn't go to Imladris, Faramir goes in his stead. Thus he's present at least past Parth Galen to challenge or welcome Aragorn.

2) He does go to Imladris, but although wounded at Parth Galen, he survives and is forced to continue on.

I'd like to add a third possibility:

3) The Orcs go after Aragorn and Sam, instead of Boromir, Merry and Pippin, and the Parth Galen situation reverses itself. What happens to Boromir and the quest then?

Does he go after Sam (and possibly Aragorn)? Does he try to follow Frodo? Does anyone go with Frodo? How will Boromir cope with what his own actions have precipitated? He isn't wounded, he's unbearably whole, save for the psychological wounding.

Lots of possibilities here. Anyone want to take it on?

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