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Beauty Lies in the Eye of the Beholder

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What is considered beautiful and ugly is influenced by culture and history, by personal preference and experience.

Today for example, a fat woman with sagging breasts and greasy hair is unlikely to be regarded as beautiful in many industrialized western countries, whereas a thin girl with white teeth and a smile is very likely to be said to be at least "pretty".

When Rubens painted his pictures of scantily dressed women, a voluptous, voluminous woman was the kind of woman he and his employers thought beautiful.

Ideals of beauty change in time and from culture to culture.

So here's the challenge:

Write a scene or a story about beauty and ugliness
Write this scene or story twice, from two different points of view
Once, the object of the scene or story should be regarded as beautiful and the second time the same object of the scene or story should be regarded as ugly
The object of the scene or story does not need to be a person: plants, animals, architecture, songs, clothing - many things will make the beholder go "Oh, that's beautiful!" or "YRCH! That's *ugly*!"

Thanks Juno for this great idea!

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Larner - Light Thought Lost
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Last Updated: 15 Jan 08
What is seen of the Ringbearer from four different points of view.


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Lady Aranel
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