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Beware the Ides of March

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"Beware the Ides of March" is one of the most famous prophecies in history. Write a story or drabble about a prophecy in Middle-earth. It can be any Age, any character, any people, and the prophecy could be one that Tolkien wrote about, or one that you make up for Tolkien's world. Seriousness not necessary. BEWARE--this challenge closes on March 15!!

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The following authors have entered a story in the Challenge.

Dwimordene - Bitter Springs
General Audience
Last Updated: 06 May 07
Allies can disappoint. Boromir and Théodred watch it all come apart.
MerryK - Waiting for a Thousand Years
General Audience
Last Updated: 14 Mar 07
Eowyn meets a very special elf in Minas Tirith. For the "Beware the Ides of March" challenge.
Vilwarin - Farewell
General Audience
Last Updated: 05 Mar 08
Aragorn, Halbarad and their farewell on a Corsair Ship.


The following authors have entered a placeholder in the Challenge.

Entry Date: 24 Feb 07

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Challenge Info

Open Date: February 23, 2007

Closed: March 15, 2007

Challenge Topic: Holiday/Date/Season

Entries: 4

Originator: HASA Challenges

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