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A collection of the drabbles and ficlets written for people with birthdays in September 2007. Every month HASA members may request birthday card drabbles (a story of exactly 100 words) on a topic of their choosing. See how much can be said in only a hundred words. This is an ongoing project, so if you would like to request a drabble or write a drabble for others, please feel free to join HASA and get in on the fun. Requests are made in the HASA Birthday Cards Forum.

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JunoMagic - Birthday Stories for JunoMagic 2007
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Last Updated: 04 Dec 07
I don't know if I even have the right to ask for drabbles, since I've been absent from LOTR fandom for months now.

But: tomorrow is my birthday. I'll be 32 on October 23, which has a funny ring to it, I think.

So if you still remember me and the muses are kind, I'd love to read a drabble that is about


a play on numbers - like my birthday (32/23)


since I've been absent so much, a drabble about exactly that: absence, about someone or something, who/which is absent, for a shorter or longer period of time, for a good or a bad reason

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