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Feanor the Good Father

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Here it is: Feanor was a good father. (And we hear gasps coming from the crowd) Most people automatically label Feanor as the exact opposite of the ideal father-figure. I think a good fic about Feanor's fatherly side just might remedy this situation.

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Ehtele - Mystery of Vowels, The
General Audience
Last Updated: 27 Nov 03
A studious young Maglor gets a helping hand from his father. A vignette for the kinder side of Feanor.
Kazaera - Thunderstorms
General Audience
Last Updated: 21 Apr 03
A short scene of fluff set in Valinor - little Maedhros is afraid of thunderstorms and goes to his father. For the "Fëanor as a good father" Nuzgûl and Furius's bday.


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Adoption Date: 23 Aug 06
Adoption Date: 21 May 04
Adoption Date: 21 Aug 04
Adoption Date: 26 May 07
Adoption Date: 25 Aug 04
Tenshi Androgynous
Adoption Date: 30 Apr 04

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Created: January 29, 2003

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