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What happened to Eärnur?

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In 2050, the Witch-king challenged King Eärnur to single combat shortly after Eärnur became king, "to make good his claim to the throne," or possibly just to tweak him about having failed to defeat him earlier, before he was king, depending on what text you're reading. His Steward, Mardil, restrained him, but seven years later the Lord of Morgul repeated his challenge, "with taunts." Mardil couldn't stop him this time, and Eärnur rode off to the Enemy's stronghold with a small company of men. They were never heard from again.

This is bugging me, deeply, but it's a part of ME history I'm not that familiar with. I just can't stop thinking about poor Mardil, trying to stop his king from doing this rash thing, and after the king failed to return, trying to figure out what happened, and what to do next. Did he anguish over whether, and how, to try to retrieve the king and his men from the enemy? Or did he figure the kingdom would be better off ruled by a sensible Steward, and not even bother? And what really happened to Eärnur and his men? Were they just killed, or had they really "died in torment"? Argh. Someone please write this so I can find out what happened!

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Zimraphel - Silence Covered in Stone, A
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In the final days of the Ring War, Thranduil and Celeborn meet in the ruins of Dol Guldur and reaffirm their friendship in the midst of the Shadow's last, most terrifying secret.


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