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Maglor and Gandalf

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What if, in the Third Age, Maglor met Gandalf, and the two had known each other back in Valinor before the Trees were destroyed? Maybe they were even friends. And given how much Gandalf wandered in the Third Age, it's possible that they ran into one another once or twice.

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Aria - Dreamer and the Minstrel, The
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Last Updated: 10 Jun 04
Entered for the Maglor and Gandalf Nuzgul challenge, which explains most of it. Post-ring war.


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Adoption Date: 31 Oct 05
Adoption Date: 04 Aug 08
Adoption Date: 22 Nov 04

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Created: March 11, 2003

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Entries: 4

Originator: Kazaera

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