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Powerful nuzgûls breeding in this thread. I can see an interesting conversation between Boromir and Aragorn on this issue, where Boromir has the attitude more common to modern man, and Aragorn the more mythic and 'elven' conception of things. (Picks up broom to drive off nuzgûl, but the beast simply licks its fangs and grins. Oy.)

'Virginity - pick a character and delineate their attitude toward it.' OR 'A discussion between two characters on virginity and what it does or doesn't mean to them'

[Meg] This is one for the "cultural exploration" writers - use any two characters from different cultures (eg as above) and use their attitudes to sexual mores to delineate differences between the cultures.

[Dwim] The problem with this nuzgul is that the interior monologue version ends up being highly moralising, while dialogue versions are hard simply because discussions of sex tend not to focus on abstinence, particularly among men whose virginity isn't a factor in a patriarchal sexual economy.

I'd suggest trying to give contexts wherein virginity might actually matter, and then have people pick the one suited to their chosen characters. So you'd have:

Parent-child talk about sexual propriety
Sexual initiation (otherwise known as the "you mean you've never...?" discussion)
Marriage market negotiations (not necessarily concerning the character you want to explore--character could be commenting on someone else)
For the guys: why wouldn't you visit a brothel, even though "everyone else" does (you'd probably want to build in some background so it's not quite that blunt)
Temptation in general--why not go for it? Why doesn't X ever take advantage of opportunities?

[Lyllyn] I'd like to see the powerful and/or mythic part of this explored, whether from the whys and wherefores, the symbolism, the character's beliefs about it, or another character's observation about it. So if one were writing a 'first time' story, the mythic or metaphoric should be a part of that... Does one 'lose' one's power, transform it, or ...?

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The following authors have entered a story in the Challenge.

Dwimordene - On Cerin Amroth
General Audience
Last Updated: 07 Jun 04
The journey of Aragorn and Arwen towards Cerin Amroth, the heart of Lórien.
Eowyn77 - The Rose in Bloom
Adult Audience
Last Updated: 04 Aug 06
Wherein Eowyn meets Faramir's mad aunt, confronts her Gondorian rival, and weds Faramir. A few other highlights include Eomer meeting Lothiriel for the first time, and Faramir singing through the streets of Edoras. Adult for explicit marital lovemaking, discussions about virginity, etc. (For a more PG-13 version, skip the chapters titled "Speaking out of Turn" and "Consummation.") For the Culture and Sexuality Challenge. (If you're just after the challenge material, read the "Morning Gift" chapter.)
Gandalfs apprentice - Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Rangers But Were Afraid to Ask
Adult Audience
Last Updated: 29 Jul 06
Halbarad and Aragorn (24 and 21 years old) have an afternoon out. Wildly noncanonical on sex among Elves. For the Culture and Sexuality challenge: this is a portrait of an in-character and noncelibate Aragorn.
Lyllyn - Youth and Blood
Adult Audience
Last Updated: 03 May 04
What the Dunedain of the Angle want from their chief is much at odds with Aragorn's plans for the future. This is a response to the Aragorn's Virginity nuzgul and contains conversation about virginity, but no sex. There is a brief mention of homosexuality. Listed as 'adult' since I think it wouldn't interest younger children (but may be very applicable to teenagers). Comments and suggestions very welcome, questions posted in my discussion.
Mar'isu - It Is Custom
General Audience
Last Updated: 22 Feb 07
A stray comment by Boromir leads to the Fellowship discussing ways of finding comfort. Warning: Frank discussion of sexual customs. Nothing explicit, or even very physical. If you're old enough to know what they're talking about; you're old enough to be thinking about the topics discussed.
Marta - Summer Nights
Adult Audience
Last Updated: 09 Jun 04
The summer of 3000 is the hottest one Faramir can remember. When he finds himself lost in Dol Amroth he stumbles into a situation he would never have faced in Minas Tirith and is forced to confront inherited beliefs he has never had cause to question. Warning: This piece discusses mature themes. Read at your own discretion.
oshun - Gentlemen's Night Out
Adult Audience
Last Updated: 05 Oct 08
Nothing graphic in this humorous tale, but the entire story is a discussion of sexual mores with references to past sexual experiences both het and slash.
Image Hosted by

Written in response to the LACE and the Culture and Sexuality challenges.
Ranger1 - Love at Rivendell
Adult Audience
Last Updated: 31 Jul 06
An incident of affection. First posted to the July Birthday Forum.


The following authors have entered a placeholder in the Challenge.

Entry Date: 17 Jul 06
Entry Date: 15 Mar 04
Entry Date: 19 Mar 04
Entry Date: 13 Oct 03

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Open Date: April 26, 2003

Closed: July 31, 2006

Challenge Topic: Adult

Entries: 12

Originator: Lyllyn

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