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Amandil's Quest

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We know that Amandil went on a quest to ask the Valar for help, but we don't know anything of his fate. But we do know that the faithful were ready to sail to the mainland. Now..

What might have been his thoughts and hopes during the journey, AND what if the Valar had actually received him and even accepted his plea? What if the destruction of Numenor also held the idea of destroying Sauron and his corrupted land to be able to give the world a fresh start? What could he have endured and achieved?

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Korbasz of Rhun
Adoption Date: 12 Mar 04
Adoption Date: 21 Aug 04
Adoption Date: 22 Nov 04

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Created: April 26, 2003

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Entries: 3

Originator: Starchild

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