An Exciting Drabble Challenge


Story Summary

Galadriel and Celeborn in a passionate moment. Entered in the "Exciting Drabble" challenge.

Chapter List

Ch# Title Words Updated
1 COLD AS ICE 132 18 Aug 05
Appx. Word Count 132  

Challenge Entries by digdigil

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Challenge Type Title Entered
September 2005 Birthday Drabbles Closed A MISUNDERSTANDING September 20, 2005
An Exciting Drabble Challenge Closed COLD AS ICE August 18, 2005
An Exciting Drabble Challenge Closed MAITIMO August 17, 2005
An Exciting Drabble Challenge Closed GOING THROUGH THE MOTIONS August 17, 2005

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Story Information

Author: digdigil

Status: Beta

Completion: Complete

Rating: Adult

Last Updated: 08/21/05

Original Post: 08/17/05

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