Bucks Night

Friends Like These...

Story Summary

It's the night before Aragorn and Arwen's wedding. Unfortunately, his closest friends are all too aware, and determined to 'do the proper thing'. Response to a nuzgul from the hutch.

Chapter List

Ch# Title Words Updated
1 Friends Like These... 3,329 22 Dec 02
Appx. Word Count 3,329  

Challenge Entries by Lyllyn

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Challenge Type Title Entered
International Legolas Month Song Parody Palooza Closed Blond Satin June 14, 2004
Culture and sexuality Closed Youth and Blood May 03, 2004
I'll Drink to That! Closed To the Fellowship February 27, 2004
Film Trilogy Challenge, The Closed End Games December 27, 2003
Movie Challenge Closed End Games November 03, 2003
All Good Beasts Closed Barrenness of Stone, The July 27, 2003
To Be a Ringwraith Nuzgûl Bindings of Gold March 17, 2003
Bucks Night Nuzgûl Friends Like These... March 17, 2003
Quickies Qtr 1, 2003 Closed Gift of Rule, The March 12, 2003

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Story Information

Author: Lyllyn

Status: Beta

Completion: Work in Progress

Rating: General

Last Updated: 12/14/02

Original Post: 11/17/02

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