Fundraising Challenge - The Hobbit

Two Dreams & a Wizard

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For The Hobbit Challenge. Thanks to Anglachel for reminding me about Uncle Gar, to Nath for nursemaiding through posting this first entry, and to RiverOtter for the beta! This could almost have been titled two conversations--one with Isengar Took, Bilbo's uncle, and the other with Thorin Oakinshield.

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Ch# Title Words Updated
1 Two Dreams and a Wizard 2,299 03 Feb 13
Appx. Word Count 2,299  

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Challenge Type Title Entered
Fundraising Challenge - The Hobbit Closed Two Dreams & a Wizard February 03, 2013

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Author: Barrabard

Status: General

Completion: Complete

Rating: General

Last Updated: 02/03/13

Original Post: 01/17/13

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