Thranduil: the true story

Sworn Brothers

3. chapter two

Chapter two: Discovery

The Valar were not unaware of Oropher's mistreatment of his son. Ulmo most of all watched after this elfling. In his heart he devised a way to rescue Thranduil from his father. All he had to do was get that shirt off of him so the twins would see the extent to which he had been hurt. Ulmo watched as the three elflings swam in the pond. As he did so, he had water plants tangle themselves in Thranduil's shirt.

Thranduil went under, but did not come back up. Elrond was the first to reach him. He saw that a thorny plant had entangled itself into the elfling's shirt. He tried to get the shirt off, but couldn't.

"His shirt is caught on something! I can't get it off!" said Elrond. "Get your knife from the shore!"

Elros swam to the shore, retrieved his knife and returned.

"You hold him, I'll get rid of the shirt," he said.

Elrond held Thranduil still, as Elros cut away the shirt. The twins pulled him up. When Thranduil reached the surface he gasped for air. He had never been so frightened in his short life. He clung to Elrond as the three of them made it to the shore.

"Are you alright?" asked Elros.

"I am alive," said Thranduil. "Thanks, I owe you one."

"Tis nothing, Mellon Nin," said Elros. Elros got a good look at Thranduil's back and did not like what he saw. "Elrond" he said to his brother telepathically. "Look at his back. Do you think that is what he has been hiding? I've never seen anything like that on an elfling."

Elrond looked at Thranduil's back and did not like it either. There were welts and bruises from recent beatings and scars from old ones.

"Thranduil, where did you get those marks on your back?" asked Elrond.

"N-nowhere," he said.

"He's lying," Elrond said to Elros.

"I know, but why?" asked Elros. "Why didn't he tell us and who is he protecting?"

"Last time I saw something like this; it was one of the human children Gil-Galad had taken in," said Elrond. "His father had been beating him with a leather belt."

"You don't think…?" asked Elros, who was shocked by the very thought of it.

"Oropher has a terrible temper, and bears little love for his son," said Elrond. "Galadriel is here for the midsummer celebration. I think we should tell her."

"Agreed," said Elros, grabbing his towel and wrapping it around him. "Only what do we do to protect him in the meantime?"

"You watch him, I'll go tell the lady," said Elrond.

"Ok," said Elros. He turned to Thranduil and spoke aloud, "Thranduil, I have something I want to show you. It's in my room and I have an old shirt I've out grown. You can use that until you can get cleaned up and change clothes."

Thranduil nodded shyly as he stood in dripping leggings. He toweled off as best he could before putting on his shoes and tunic. His now ruined shirt remained in the pond. Elrond and Elros gathered up the rest of their things. Ulmo watched the three elflings leave, confidant that Oropher's misdeeds would be uncovered.

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