Thranduil: the true story

Sworn Brothers

7. .Chapter 6 Healing

After healing the injuries of King Oropher of Greenwood, Evenyatare of Lorien slipped him a sleeping draft that assured he wouldn't wake until morning. This was done to ensure the safety of a certain elfling. Tonight there would be fireworks as had not been seen since the fall of Angband twenty five years ago. Thranduil was placed in the keep of Elrond and Elros. The twins were very protective of the younger elfling.

There was a group of Dwarves from the recently established city of Khazad- dum in Moria. They were on relatively friendly terms with the Noldor elves, but relations with the Sindar were uneasy at best. Two young dwarflings named Fror and Gror had come with their parents. They were friends of the twins. Sometime during the festivities the twins spotted them.

"Mae govanan, Fror and Gror," said Elrond. "Come and meet our friend Thranduil of Greenwood."

"Well met to you aw well Elrond and Elros," said Gror to the twins.

"Well met Thranduil of Greenwood," said Fror to Thranduil who was hiding behind Elrond.

"A bit shy isn't he?" said Gror.

"Thranduil has had a rough time lately, he's recently been taken from his father," said Elrond.

"So this is the princeling Lady Galadriel told us about," said Gror.

"We have heard of his predicament," said Fror. "There is no need to hide from us little one."

"Little one!" said Thranduil indignantly. "I'm just as tall as you! Besides Galion told me about what dwarflings do to elves. I have no desire to be tickled silly!"

Fror and Gror laughed at the elfling's response. "T'is true, when given half a chance, we do enjoy tickling not just elves but men too. We just came from tickling Lord Celeborn silly. He seemed to be worrying too much about something, that's how we caught him off guard," said Gror.

"But fear naught," said Fror. "We made an agreement with the twins. We don't tickle them and they don't prank us. Since you're their friend we'll make the same agreement with you."

"Agreed," said Thranduil who was no longer hiding. What Thranduil didn't know is Lady Galadriel had warned Fror and Gror against tickling Thranduil. What Fror and Gror didn't know was that Thranduil was actually a very well behaved elfling. "So which one of you is Fror and which is Gror."

"I am Fror," said the one with the red hair. "This is my younger brother Gror." Fror indicated he brown haired dwarf beside him.

"Perhaps we should tell him about the other agreement we have with the twins," said Gror. "We agree to use the Elvin greeting when in Elvin lands."

"In exchange we agree to use the Dwarvin greeting in Dwarvin lands," said Elros.

"What's that?" asked Thranduil.

"If we had met in Dwarvin lands we would have greeted you, 'Fror and Gror at your service,'" said Gror.

"One of us would have replied 'At yours and your families,'" said Elrond.

Dwarflings do not have their beards yet, but as Fror and Gror were only a couple of years from their majority they had the beginnings of beards.

"I've never met anyone who wasn't an elf before," said Thranduil. "I don't mean to be rude, but why do you have hair on your face?"

The hair was so that only an elf would notice it.

"We are beginning to get our beards. Though we will not be allowed to let them grow until we reach our coming of age." said Fror. "Fror Dwarves beards are a sign of adulthood. Dwarves are the children of Aule and he was partial to beards I think. Like elves braid their hair a certain way to indicate that they have reached their majority."

"Well male Dwarves do," said Gror. "Contrary to certain rumors female dwarves do not have beards."

"I don't know much about Dwarves or Men," said Thranduil. "My adar did not approve of associating with mortals."

"You have a lot to learn," said Fror.

"And we'll be glad to teach you, Little One," said Gror. Thranduil scowled at being called "Little One" again. "In the meantime, let's enjoy the party."

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