Things That Go Bump In the Night

Azklash and the Nazgul

1. Chapter 1

A/N: Azklash is the same character as he is in ‘Changing Perceptions’. However, at the time of this story he is not yet Emperor and is about 14 years old. This story is from his point of view.


Gladly I leave my studying for another day. I have completed the tasks set before me by my tutor and now am free until sundown. I return to my room to get food to take with me. It is too good a day to waste anymore of indoors. There is a slight chill in the air, a message that at last summer is ending. I will climb up the hill behind the palace to where there are caves. I love exploring the old mine workings, searching for overlooked fragments of rock that contain gems or fossils, anything unusual to add to my collection.

However, before I can leave, I am summoned by my father. He is receiving an envoy from our overlord and wishes me to attend..

Sighing inwardly, I go hoping that I outwardly seem willing enough. I know better than to disobey my father but secretly I am annoyed. I have only just come of age and already my father has piled duties on me, as well as my lessons in lore and war. I am his only son and heir; I will be Emperor here after him. I know this and am reminded of it every time I fail him.

I enter and bow to him. Unexpectedly he is alone, except for one figure in a black cloak. It must be the envoy. My father acknowledges my presence, he gestures me to remain silent and listen. They are speaking of the war. Sauron’s messenger is demanding more troops. My attention wanders and I watch the envot; he stands totally still and speaks harshly. He orders my father, as he would a slave and my father obeys him willingly.

Their business ended, the figure turns and I can feel it looking at me, evaluating me, but I can see no shadow of a face under that cloak. My brain feels full of ice, I fight back all thoughts, afraid that this figure can read them. I will not show him that I am afraid! I lower my eyes to the floor, as before my father’s gaze. Eventually, he speaks,

“A worthy heir. kinsman.. He will rule well in his turn.”

My father dismisses me and I somehow manage to walk from the room, still not daring to think. After I close the door, the words rush back at me,

“Kinsman!” I did not realise I spoke aloud until I heard the word. Am I kin to that figure of dread, that embassy of Sauron? Is that my grandfather that I never knew? My great grandfather? What? How? Why?

I am back at the door to my room, I know from the look the guard gives me that I must look different. But how could that not change me?

Have I seen the shape of my fate?

I shiver uncontrollably, despite the heat. Stumbling over to the table, I grasp the flash of wine and drink, determined to forget what I have just heard yet knowing that I never will.


A/N: Please review!! I know this is very, very, very weird and I want to know what you think about it.

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