Mary-Sue of a Different Colour, A


13. Raging Rangers and Lecherous Elves

Disclaimer: I own the over fed, demanding fish, the range who is hyperventilating from the lip lock shock, and a sad, neglected, lonely pile of clothes in need of washing. JRR owns the good stuff!! Sorry it is short!!
A/N:                                'This is thoughts'
The cat people are from JRR. The chief of cats was Morgoth's allies so Elves dislike cats immensely. The Forgotten Ones are my invention and done because I remembered too late about the cat people being evil. I also decided that it would make it interesting to see Legolas' reaction to the feline and if he can overcome the dislike.
To My Wonderful Readers:  Hope you are enjoying the story. Feel free to review or offer suggestions. !Enjoy!


Raging Rangers and Lecherous Elves

Aragorn wandered around near the talans trying to clear his head. The weight of leadership was a crushing blow and his grief was strangling him with every breath he took. He had been woken by the restlessness of  both elf and ranger. They had seemed to be caught in the same dream, maybe due to the fact they were within the Golden Woods and both were Elves. He had more important thoughts running through his mind. Letting the strange coincidence of the two dreamers trickle past his consciousness, Aragorn continued to pace restlessly. Hearing a startled gasp, Aragorn whirled around hand on the hilt of his sword. His jaw dropped to the forest floor, before a giant, pleased grin split his face.
Ahead of him was Legolas. The elf had Fire in a passionate embrace. His hands had grasped her arms, bringing her close against his body. He had taken her lips in a deep, hungry kiss as his hands slid off her upper arms and moved to tangle in her hair. The heat radiated off the pair as Legolas kissed his way lower. Tugging back lightly on her hair, the elf brought her neck into reach of his lips. Slowly, yet thoroughly, Legolas explored the ranger's exposed throat moving towards her jaw. Nipping along Fire's jaw line, the elf moved upwards until he reached the extra sensitive ear. With a low guttural moan, the ranger let her head fall back allowing the elf unrestricted access.  Lifting his head from the sensual assault on the ranger's senses, Legolas brought his mouth back to the ranger's and kissed her even deeper. As if suddenly aware of what he was doing, Legolas let go of the ranger and walked off into the forest, leaving a thoroughly shocked, confused and aroused ranger behind.
Fire swam in a sea of heat and need. Her senses were overloaded by the elf's sensual assault and the remnants of the dream. Panting hard enough to nearly hyperventilate, the ranger sat back on her heels and tried to think. Never had anyone dared to do what the elf had done to her. The flames burning through her blood screamed for the elf to continue what he started. Pulling herself  back from the brink of oblivion, Fire looked around her with a dazed expression. Her color ran high, her hair was mussed, her lips showed signs of the passionate kisses the two had shared and there was a small mark along her neck from a gentle bite. She looked dazed and desirable. The ranger blushed deep red when her eyes caught Aragorn's gaze. Ducking her head, the embarrassed she elf tried to come to grips with what had happened.
Haldir watched the suddenly shy ranger with great interest. It was obvious from her confusion that Legolas had never kissed her before. Her innocence was apparent to the March warden and it whet his appetite for the delectable creature seated on the rock. He pondered what approach he should use to seduce the wild she elf. That Legolas was also interested in her was glaringly apparent to the March warden. His actions were unusual for the rather aloof  Prince of Mirkwood. The younger elf was always more discreet in his dealings with such matters. The blatant disregard of proper behavior gave the warden a warning that Legolas might be a worse threat then previously thought. Haldir let his eyes rove over the ranger, lust blazed out from every pore and the March warden did nothing to hide the fact he desired the ranger. Catching Fire's attention, Haldir gave her a lazy smile that sent heat rushing back into her barely cooled face. 'Good, I have made her blush. I will let her wonder what I am up to. The elleth will have her thoughts turning to me throughout the days ahead. It will make her eventual seduction so much quicker and easier. The more she thinks on me, the farther from her thoughts will be the Prince. A few well placed, brief  touches .. accidental of course ... will accustom her to my closeness. She will not even realize the game I play until too late and by then her desire for me  will be undeniable.' The smile directed at the ranger turned predatory and made Fire's green eyes widen in surprise then narrow in suspicion. With a mocking bow, Haldir turned and headed off into the trees.
          The company walked silently for the most part. Every so often, Pippin just could not hold his tongue, and questions would pour out. Fire was too distracted to do more then half notice the little Hobbits antics. Legolas had not said a word to her since he had returned to the group. He seemed preoccupied with the beauty of Lorien as he walked beside Aragorn near the front of the line. Fire was grateful to be left alone with her thoughts, but the March warden was annoying her to no end. Every once in awhile, he would leave the head of the group and walk to the rear to watch the back trail. Almost like clock work,  either on the trip back or the trip forward, he would manage to brush against her, or bump into her – always with an apology after – or on a really bad trip, do both. She could not bring him to task for doing it, because she truly was not convinced it was not just an accident. The thing that annoyed her most was her own awareness of the silver haired elf. Tingles raced like lightning down her spine every time Haldir brushed past her and she found it hard to breath right when he bumped into her. Fire wanted to scream in frustration! First Legolas kissed her senseless then the March warden was being a bit too clumsy for her liking. What was up with the two of them? Was it a conspiracy to drive what sanity she had into oblivion? She prayed the Valar would give her the strength to not strangle either elf, but she did not think they would be that kind. With a heavy sigh, Fire continued to walk along with the Fellowship beneath the strange, yet breath taking trees of Lothlorien, trying to puzzle out the weird sense of humor that Eru had.
          The steps were quiet. Gliding like a ghost in the morning fog, Galadriel made her way back to her talan. She had spent the very early morning communing with her mirror hoping to see what lay ahead. The images were erratic and vague. The battles to be fought in the coming dark days, the Fellowship parting ways with the ring bearer, the army of orc massing at Helm's Deep, but the greatest disturbance was the hated image of one of the Great Cats. The evil swirled around it like an immense ocean. Gold eyes glowing coldly in triumph, fangs dripping in blood and the voice a death roar as it faced an unarmed Legolas upon the heights of Helm's Deep. As she had tried to coax more details from the mirror, it bubbled ferociously and all that could be seen was a pair of forest green eyes looking back in defiance and compassion. Nausea and dizziness had nearly caused her to collapse as the water turned to steam. In all her years of scrying, Galadriel had never seen a power that could take control of her mirror. Unfortunately, the power had come to her realm and the consequences could be beyond even her understanding. For good or evil, SHE was here and would have to be dealt with accordingly. Sliding into bed next to Celeborn, the Lady of the Golden Woods clung to her husband and her faith. The feel of his arms around her was steadying and his scent reassuring. "What have you seen, my love?", Celeborn asked with concern. "They have returned. The allies of Morgorth are coming to evil's side once more. The young Prince of Mirkwood will be in danger. I know not how to stop what is to come, yet I feel there is a power, on our side, just come to light. I pray the Valar has sent a mighty warrior to the aid of the free peoples of Arda, or all hope may be lost, even if the ring's destruction becomes reality. I am frightened husband. I have seen a power that rivals my own and it is not due to any ring of power but natural ability. I fear what travels in our borders, but I can not allow the fear to rule my heart. A test I must face alone. I can not, nay, will not allow myself to fail. Hold me tight, my darling, for my soul is cold and my heart grieves for what is to come.", Galadriel replied softly. Celeborn pulled her into a tighter embrace and hummed a sweet, haunting tune to sooth his beloved's heart and soul. Slowly, Galadriel drifted off to sleep under the watchful eyes of her anxious mate.

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