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14. Disturbing Images

Disclaimer: I own the hideous fish, a ranger out of her depths, and 3 chocolate chip cookies that won't last long. The chapter was supposed to be longer, but it screamed at me to stop and leave you hanging with another cliff hanger. SORRY! LOL
A/N: 'This is thoughts'
So who do you think will capture the ranger? Legolas or Haldir. lol
/*shows text directly from the Fellowship of the Rings books */
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Disturbing Images
          The day wore on and evening approached rapidly. The company had gotten their first glimpse of the Elven stronghold. Great talans perched high among the trees, with bridges spanning between the levels and winding stairs with lights gracing the great Mallorn trees like twinkling stars. It was breath taking to behold and the Fellowship stood in awed silence. Haldir took the opportunity to slip next to Fire and watch her reaction to his beautiful homeland. He smiled indulgently at the wonder in her eyes. Leaning into her more then necessary, the silver haired elf whispered in the ranger's ear, making sure his breath ghosted over the sensitive tip. "Breath stealing beauty so close to an ellon makes it hard to think.", he murmured seductively to Fire's discomfort. "I am glad to be home."
Turning to face the March warden, Fire cursed her mistake. The simple movement of turning her head brought her face so close to Haldir's that their lips actually came in contact. Not one to miss such a gift from the Valar, Haldir leaned in just enough to capture her lips in a deeper kiss. Heat blossomed in the ranger's blood much to her horror. She gasped involuntarily, allowing Haldir the chance to taste her more thoroughly. Breaking the kiss, the March warden looked into the ranger's flushed face with a sense of satisfaction. "My lady you taste delicious.", he whispered just loud enough to be heard, before turning around and heading towards the city ahead. Fire gaped at his retreating form. Unable to figure out  a suitable response to the audacity of the arrogant March warden, the ranger blinked like a demented owl before her ire began to rise. Narrowing her eyes, she vowed to teach the nasty, arrogant ellon a lesson.
Feeling an intense stare, Fire turned to see the unrestrained fury in Legolas' eyes. The look made the ranger feel guilty, which in turned made her furious with both herself and the elf. Glaring back at Legolas, Fire deliberately turned and followed the path the others had taken.
Legolas was infuriated. His blood boiled and the need to do bodily harm to the March warden was nearly more then he could stand.  The sight of Haldir kissing Fire had sent a pain through his chest. 'Damn the March warden to Modor! He should not have touched her like that! She is not his! She Is Mine!!,' the elf fumed, only to be brought up short when he remembered what thoughts ran through his mind. Shock, dismay and an instinctive rightness of the observation had his breath coming out much faster and more forcefully then normal. Trying to collect himself, Legolas took a few deep breaths to quiet his mind. 'Sweet Eru what am I thinking? I sound like a jealous lover! She is not mine, but I do not like the idea of her being another's. She has gotten to me more then I had feared. The thought of her in Haldir's bed is enough to drive any semblance of sanity I may have to the farthest reaches of my mind. It is not his bed she will share, but mine! She desires me as well. I felt it when we shared such a passionate embrace at the campsite; she could not keep her desire hidden from me. I will not let her go without a fight. She will be mine! The March warden had best beware, if he gets between Fire and I. I will not hesitate to correct his mistaken ideas concerning her. While we take rest within the city, I will make a move to woo her affection.' His mind still in turmoil, but with a decision made to catch the wild ranger, Legolas walked quickly to catch up with the rest of the company.   
          Celeborn watched in amused silence as his usually calm mate paced restlessly around their chambers. He took in the beauty before him and sighed in regret. The Fellowship would be arriving at the city gates in mere moments and any thoughts he had of a carnal nature would have to wait until much later. Galadriel came to an abrupt stop. Looking as if her thoughts were far away, she took a deep breath then blinked twice. Turning to Celeborn, she held out her hand and whispered, "They have arrived." Taking her hand, he gave it a tiny squeeze of comfort and support before making their way down to greet their guests.
The Fellowship followed Haldir ever upwards to the court of the Lord and Lady of Lothlorien. The great Mallorn trees were even more spectacular up close and the ranger could not help twisting and turning in order to see them better. Legolas' attention was equally divided between watching Fire ahead of him, looking at the magnificent trees around him and glaring holes in the back of Haldir's skull. He wished Gandalf was with the company still, for he missed him greatly. The grief closed around his heart, as he saw again the wizard's fall clearly in his mind. He had never expected to lose the wizard and the reality of his loss was absolutely staggering. Legolas would have liked to have asked Gandalf for his council in dealing with the feelings aroused by the ranger, but alas it was not to be. Eru only knew why the wizard had to fall to the demon of the pit, and he had to trust Eru's greater judgment in such matters. Still, it hurt beyond measure.
Lost in grave thoughts, it took Legolas a few moments to feel the stare. He raised his head and found Fire standing at a bend up ahead. The gentleness of her gaze lanced straight to his grief stricken soul. An answering grief lay like a shroud around the ranger. Without warning, Fire felt the elf's pain as her own. Never had she felt such an affinity for another, and it should have scared her immensely. Unable to fight the primal urge to comfort, Fire came down the stairs stopping in front of the elf. "I miss him, too Legolas. My heart tells me we will meet Gandalf again soon. Do not grieve beyond repair as the ring bearer needs us all to be strong. I believe all will be well in time. Let your soul rest easy in this guarded land, soon enough evil will touch us again. There is great light here.", Fire said softly, as she placed a hand against the elf's cheek in comfort. Turning, she slowly moved up the stairs once more. Legolas touched his cheek where her warmth still lingered. Unseen by either ranger or elf, Haldir watched the touching display with anger. He was determined to win the elleth for his own. Legolas was not going to turn her affection away from him. He would make sure of it!
Lord Celeborn and Lady Galadriel came gliding down a flight of stairs. The sight of them was beyond what words could describe. Silver and gold in pristine white. Goodness flowed off them in a never ending tide. Awe struck the Fellowship could only stare, except Aragorn. Celeborn greeted each of the Fellowship by name as they were seated before him. Looking puzzled, Celeborn spoke to the company, /*"Here there are nine. Ten were to set out: so said the messages. But maybe there has been some change of council that we have not heard. Elrond is far away, and darkness gathers between us, and all this year the shadows have grown longer." */ * "Nay, there was no change of council. Gandalf the Grey set out with the company, but he did not pass the borders of this land. Now tell us where he is; for I much desired to speak with him again," Galadriel said. */ Sadly Aragorn relayed the disastrous demise of Gandalf the Grey in the dark pit of Moria and their periless journey to the safety of the Golden Woods.  The Lord and Lady were grieved to hear such pained news and offered a safe haven for the weary travelers.
Fire allowed her thoughts to wander. She vaguely heard the Lady of the Golden Woods speaking to the others individually. Thoughts of Gandalf, Legolas and the March warden were foremost in her mind swirling in a disordered kaleidoscope of confusion A feeling swept over Fire like the cut of an orc blade through flesh and bone. Without hesitation, she slammed the door to her mind from the encroaching enemy. Snapping her head up and glaring furiously at Galadriel, Fire growled in rage. "HOW DARE YOU!! Seek not to enter territory not of your own. A grievous error you have made ELF WITCH!" Galadriel looked at the ranger's horrified face. "Child I wish you no harm. I merely wished to gaze upon your heart and seek that which resides in your mind for testimony of good or ill intentions. I have done so with all the Fellowship, and eased their weary hearts. If you will not let me look upon your heart, I can not release you into our fair city. I do not wish to force you, but I will design to know your intentions this day.", the Lady stated with a calm soothing voice.
 Fire smirked at Galadriel. The smile made the March warden tense, though why he did not know. There was something almost feral in the way she looked over the Lady. The ranger tossed back her head and laughed, sending an echo through the trees. All  within elven hearing distance cringed and the hairs on the nape of their necks grew rigid at the sound. Celeborn began to rise from his chair with a frown, only to be told by Galadriel, in mind to mind Far speak, to remain seated and worry not for her safety.
"Do you truly wish to see within my heart? Are you strong enough to bear it? I wonder, for I sometimes can not; yet it is who I am. Look deep Elf Witch! See the things I have seen. See that which is to come. See that which makes me who I am.", Fire spat at Galadriel. With the ending of her tirade, Fire threw her mind wide open and slammed all she was into Galadriel.     

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