Mary-Sue of a Different Colour, A


4. Cornered Rats and Rain

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Cornered Rats and Rain

          Rain pelted down in torrents making it impossible to see. A scream broke through the stillness like a lightning bolt. Rushing helter skelter  towards the sound, a bedraggled form nearly slipped and fell. Which way? Oh God! Please, please let me make it in time!! Do what you will to me, but Not Her! NEVER HER!' The form came into a glade at the edge of a wood. There was the  familiar figure surrounded by others. "You will not touch her again you son of a…" Colors swirled dramatically and the form of an orc stood there. Snarling in rage, sword lifted to strike then a sound from behind. Whoosh. The ugly beast tottered a bit then crashed to the floor. Hands reaching out, unfamiliar and frightening. Voices chattering or was it teeth? 'Dear God where was the other? Was she here? Please please let her be ok!' Swirls of color. Flashing lights. Voices again.

          "Well I never expected that to happen," Pipen said blandly. "Be quiet Pip. Nobody expected that to happen, especially Legolas! Humm he looks in bad shape too." Merry observed " Well that certainly was not a nice thing to do and I wager the elf is going to be quite angry with the whole situation. I mean he was only trying to help, he sure did not deserve that kind of treatment" this coming from quiet hobbit, Sam. Everyone turned when they heard the muffled laugh that Boromir was trying to conceal.

    Aragorn lifted an eyebrow in Boromir's direction. "Well even you can not tell me it was not at least slightly amusing." Boromir said in a strangled voice, "I bet the elf never thought he was going to be brought low by a mere female, and such a delicate looking one at that." A small smile reached Aragorn's lips as he recalled the stunned look the elf had just before pitching over into unconsciousness. "Ok, I agree it was a tiny bit amusing, but I would not tease our woodland friend about it." Gandalf's comment shocked the whole group. "Amazing really, but when you think about how she held back that last punch; I think the elf is winning her over.  Should be interesting to see how they act when they awaken. Humm this will need stitching."

          Legolas swam out of the darkness and into a world of pain. He was not sure what hurt worse, his jaw or groin. It took a few moments to truly comprehend what had transpired. One minute he held a helpless, wounded she-elf and the next he was being mauled by said she-elf.

          Legolas swam out of the darkness and into a world of pain. He was not sure what hurt worse, his jaw or groin. It took a few moments to truly comprehend what had transpired. One minute he held a helpless, wounded she-elf and the next he was being mauled by said she-elf.

    His pride was stung, he hurt and he began to plot  sweet revenge. Truthfully, Legolas knew he would not actually put in motion any of the vengeful thoughts, but it helped dull his pain a little. Just as the happy thought, of watching her get devoured by a meat-eating plant, he realized that she was indeed a SHE. That was enough to break through the lingering fog and he came fully awake worried how the elleth was doing.

    Turning his head , he saw her laying on a blanket with Gandalf bending over her with a threaded needle. The jagged tear in her side was still weeping blood, but not nearly as profusely as it had been earlier. Thank the Valar! His eyes skimmed over the still form. Her hair was the color of moonlight, but was barely to her shoulders, unlike most females who wore their hair at their waists. He frowned when he saw her eyes closed tight. Elves only closed their eyes when dangerously wounded or so exhausted that a healing sleep claimed them without warning. He was worried, but also disappointed due to the fact her eye color was hidden from his gaze.

    Slowly he slid his eyes lower, lingering a bit on the lush lips before traveling downward. Her chest was, well  odd - shaped. It strangely had no true feminine distinction, seeming to be one small, flat mound. He flushed scarlet as he realized where his gaze still lingered. Quickly averting his eyes from her chest, he moved on down her body, inspecting her with his ears still tinged red. She was delicately built, but the sleek muscles he could discern, from the tight clothing, betrayed her strength and, as he well knew, her speed and agility. She was much smaller then any other elf maid he had ever seen and even small in human standards of female specifications. Her attire was defiantly not in keeping with any female fashion and he was a bit offended by her clothing. An elleth should be dressed as one, not as a man! For the space of a heartbeat, Legolas tried to see how she would look garbed correctly before realizing where his brain was going and shook the inappropriate thoughts away.

      Scowling, both at himself  for even entertaining such thoughts and the ranger for, well, not being what he was supposed to be. It was then that he spied another wound. For the first time since he had woken, Legolas cleared his throat. All eyes turned to the elf as he slowly sat up. Legolas was eternally glad he had not flinched at the pain; as the dwarf would never let him live it down. Legolas pointed to the ranger. " Her arm has a cut upon it that must be seen to as well." Proud his voice never wavered, he continued, "How bad is her wound? I could tell she had lost a lot of blood, but I did not believe the blade to be poisoned."

    Gandalf looked up from his stitching and smiled at the golden haired elf. "Well it seems you have finally come around, and as for my patient here, I am positive she will be fine with a few days rest. She is going to be livid when she wakes up. I dare say Fire holds as strongly to her secrets as a Dwarf does to mithril. I had hoped she would have been the one to broach this information freely, but being forced into it like this." The wizard shook his head slowly, "Sadly it is beyond my knowledge of how she may react; be prepared for anything my friends."

          A groan interrupted their conversation as Fire began to regain consciousness. "Hellfire and Damnation that hurts!! Just what the heck do you think I am? Do I look like a tea cozy you can practice your needlecraft on?" All eyes turned to the snarling she-elf who was trying to sit up. Her green eyes flamed with anger, pain and a little disorientation. "Where am I? Is everyone else alright?" Looking down at her side with a hiss of pain, "Damn that is worse then I thought! Should have healed it sooner, but I wanted to warn you of the orc activity in the area, Gandalf."

    With an understanding smile, the old wizard patted her shoulder lightly. " I know child, but with a few days rest you will be fine. We will camp here for two or three days until you can travel safely." The ranger stared at Gandalf as if he had grown two heads. "We do not have time to tarry here Gandalf! You know, as well as I, that it is too dangerous to stay here until I heal. I will go out away from camp a half league or so to a small cave I know, then I will return to the Fellowship when I am fully healed, just make sure all the others continue on our chosen course. No following me allowed!" Frowning in deep thought, Gandalf came to a decision. "Alright I will agree to that. You are correct that it is dangerous to stay overlong here. Be back as soon as you can Fire for I feel time is of the essence or I would not allow you such foolish pursuits."

    Both Aragorn and Boromir looked at the wizard in shock, as Legolas cried out, "Surely you do not mean to leave her on her own when the chance of another orc attack is likely and she is not only wounded, but a female!!" A pair of hands grabbed the unsuspecting elf and pulled him nose to nose with the furious ranger. "Look elf boy, not only do I NOT need your help but I think you are an annoying, overbearing, arrogant, male chauvinistic pig elf! I will NOT be treated as some helpless, brainless twit of a girl by the likes of you! Furthermore, Gandalf knows me well and has agreed this is the best action to take. So do your job, and I will take care of my end."  With a shove the ranger pushed the now incredibly enraged elf away from her and stood up slowly.

    Legolas was beyond words. Only a growl from deep within him told of his fury with the green eyed ranger. 'The utter nerve of her! The complete gall to speak thus to me! She is rude, obnoxious and thoroughly uncivilized! She deserves to get fed to that flesh eating plant for her insolence!' the fuming elf thought as he watched, through blazing blue orbs, as the ranger gathered her belongings and slowly made her way away from them. Aragorn made to go after the she-elf , but Gandalf shook his head staying Aragorn's forward motion. "This is something she must do alone. To interfere will only drive her further away from us all, Fire is quite capable of  defending herself, even in this condition. We will break camp and resume our journey as we have lingered here long enough."

    Twelve hours later, the exhausted hobbits collapsed on the ground. They had finally found a good spot to camp for the night. Wearily the company began its nightly preparations, when suddenly the elf spun around listening intently. "Legolas what do you hear?" asked Aragorn. Tilting his head, he replied quietly, "Someone approaches." They quickly drew their weapons, awaiting the approaching stranger. As they all waited tensely, a sweet sound was heard upon the wind. It was a bawdy rendition of a drinking song, sung rousingly by a high tenor. As the singer got closer, the words got more embarrassing and crude. Finally, the singer came into view.

    With a brace of rabbits in one hand, Fire strode into the campsite still singing the bawdy song. The company just stared in complete and utter shock, unable to move or speak. Gandalf was the first to recover. "Well child you took your time, but I am glad to see you brought us our evening meal. Rabbit will be a nice change. I expected you some time ago, why so late?"

     Grinning, Fire laid down her weapons and pack before shooting the wizard an amused glance. " Not worried about me, surely. I was enjoying the wilds, I meandered for awhile until I decided I needed to catch up. I brought food to placate you should I  have endeavored to raise your ire at my lateness. Before you ask, you racially old goat, yes I am healed"

     Boromir scowled, " So you would have us believe that you healed a wound that should take days to heal properly, took a leisurely walk around enjoying the sights and then went hunting, before catching up to us all in twelve HOURS time. I for one do not believe it, nor do I suppose any of our companions will either."

       Sighing deeply, Fire walked up to Boromir and lifted her shirt just enough to show the area of skin that had been torn open by the orc blade. He gasped as the skin was exposed showing only a tiny, pink line where a stitched gash had been but hours ago. "Satisfied human? Boromir, close your mouth you are catching flies. Anyone else want to look at, poke at, stare incomprehensibly at or anything else? If not, is it ok if I tuck in my shirt now?"

      Stunned nods, from all but Gandalf, greeted her question. Legolas spoke the company's combined thought, "How is this possible?" Fire turned to the elf. "I'll never tell." she said with a cheeky grin knowing her answer would give the annoying elf a hissy fit for at least a week.   

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