Mary-Sue of a Different Colour, A


47. Mating Rituals Gone Wild

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Mating Rituals Gone Wild


          Mating: The irresistible urge to belong to another.  Most times it takes years for the urge to grow strong enough to be heard. Even after hearing the mating call, not all harken to it with a glad heart. Some overly stubborn creatures refuse to acknowledge it exists while others are oblivious to the signs. Others hear this call and after a short time come to terms with the fact they are doomed to follow its path towards a joining of heart and soul. In either case, it is almost impossible to forever escape from the overwhelming urge to mate.


          Elrohir sat by the river's edge with a peculiar expression plastered on his pale features. He was actually unsure if the King of Mirkwood had told him that he could court his daughter or if it was more of a royal command, as in he "WOULD" court his daughter. Being a take charge kind of Elf, it was hard to distinguish when all control of his tongue had fled leaving a stuttering fool in his place. The King was an old family friend and Elrohir had known him for millennia. The fact that the youngest twin of Elrond had become a blathering idiot, within a space of ten short minutes, was testimony to the effect the crazy female had on his sanity. Never before had anyone so corrupted his self control that he was left in a state of undecided quandary.


Sighing heavily Elrohir contemplated his chances of escaping to Imlandris! If it WAS a command, the chance of escaping was absolutely nil!! If Thranduil did not send out an armed guard out after him, then Legolas might very well drag him back in a much more unhealthy state for trifling with his insane sister's affections. If all else failed, Thranduil would only have to send word to his Ada. Lord Elrond might well betroth the twin on the spot to the crazy wood nymph, just to keep peace between Imlandris and Mirkwood. Elrond had been less then subtle in his bid to get the twins to bind to a worthy elleth and settle down to more lordly duties then running wild with the Rangers of the North and hunting Orcs. With no decision in sight yet, Elrohir sat glaring at the water contemplating the elleth's demise and his subsequent return to sanity.


Laurel threw herself into the dancing as the night wore on. It had been four days since she had seen the wild, confusing ellon, but she was not inclined to worry about it. Wrapping her arms around Rumil's waist, Laurel twirled faster as the beat picked up. Haldir's youngest brother had been trying to get her to walk in the Lady's garden with him and Laurel was thinking of accepting his offer of escort. As sweet as the Lorien elf was, Rumil was definitely not a complex Elf. Laurel, while being a wild spirit, had always craved highly complex, rapid fire and confusing conversations with Elves of exceptional experience, wit and imagination. Her high intelligence was usually a barrier to courtship as she tired of the lackluster ellon that normally graced the court gatherings in Mirkwood. It really was too bad the twin had lost interest, because he had been intelligent, witty and outrageously bold! Dipping into a low curtsy, Laurel thanked Rumil for the dance a second before she caught sight of a twin. Which one she was unsure of, but she thought it might be fun to find out!


Briar sighed in contentment as she strolled through the Lady's garden. This was one of her favorite places. It was full of quiet peace, relaxing contemplation with a riot of colors and scents. It was her 'to be alone, thinking place' usually, but today she had company. It had not been a surprise to find Haldir standing in the doorway when she went to answer the summoning knock. He told her that their patrol would be heading back to the border, as the Fellowship was leaving in another day or so. Rumil and Orophin were to leave first thing in the morning to relieve a patrol pair that had one of its members injured.


 As per their usual manner, since becoming partners all those years ago, Briar offered Haldir something to eat as the March warden outlined their patrol's new duty. She asked questions about how the other patrols were faring along Lothlorien's border. The news was grim. Orc attacks had been increasing, especially along the Northern and Eastern borders. There had been a total of six fatalities and many more seriously wounded. The Orc numbers had risen dramatically in both size and strength. The usual small bands had doubled or tripled in force, and the resulting fights had produced more injuries then were normal for such things. Both Haldir and Briar were worried about the safety of those within the Woods. With the One Ring still within the borders of Lothlorien, the enemy was sure to greatly increase the frequency of the evil bombardment. Briar worried for Haldir. She knew full well that the March warden took more then his share of the guilt when things went bad at the border. She would just have to come up with a way to distract the hard headed elf. With a smirk, Briar plotted a way to get him to walk with her later in the Lady's garden.


Celeborn was livid!! Galadriel's peals of hysterical laughter did nothing to abate the Lorien Lord's vile mood. His grandson's were going to rue the day they set foot in Lothlorien! Calling for the palace guards, Celeborn bade the guards to go roundup Elladan and Elrohir forthwith. Payback was going to be very, very pleasant.


Elladan found his twin at the river's edge muttering to himself. The distracted elf failed to see his approach, so the older twin took the opportunity to shove his younger sibling into the frigid water. For the last four days Elladan had watched his younger twin fret. He had, at first, thought Elrohir had been into the wine stock way too often. As far as he knew, Legolas most definitely did not have a sister and unless she was illegitimate, Thranduil definitely had no daughter! Ro had confessed to his brothers that Thranduil's daughter was the wood nymph queen he had been hanging upside down in the tree with. The panic in Elrohir's stormy grey eyes alerted his brothers to the fact that this was no ordinary elleth and it might not be just a temporary infatuation.


Elladan was not sure he should be elated or fearful at the strange turn of events. While Elladan was the more open and trusting of the two, he was also the more emotionally shallow as well. Elrohir was slower to trust, but once he allowed someone into his heart, the younger Twin protected them with a violent ferocity that came from an unending wellspring of love. When hurt or betrayed by those he allowed close to him, Elrohir was a horrible sight to behold. When the loss of one dear to him came to pass, it took months to get him to do more then give a cursory smile. Elladan was worried for his twin's heart and vowed to seek out this female that had so dramatically twisted his brother's soul into a confused mess.


It truly was hilarious to see his twin turned into a muttering imbecile when Elrohir believed he was alone. The younger twin was self confident, brash and overly bold, nearly to the point of rudeness sometimes, but Elrohir's joking and very flirtatious behavior hid a keen mind and sharp wit. Elrohir's reputation preceded him, as an Elf who did not suffer fools or blackguards with anything but contempt.


Taking a good long look at Elrohir, as his soaking wet twin emerged from the frigid river with a violently thunderous expression, Elladan sent a double prayer to the Valar; one to guard his brother's heart from insincere love and the other to make his twin run slow enough so he might escape Elrohir's wrath!!


Legolas grinned as he watched his mate look wistfully towards the trees from their balcony. After the near fatal disaster, the elf and ranger had grown ever closer; though Fire was still somewhat shy in dealing with her mate. Each day the mating urge lessened from the raw, uncontrollably feral need to a more normal, passionate response to being tightly plastered to your mate. The forced reverie had also become less frequent and they now spent time talking and playing instead of just mating and sleeping. A full day and a half after the incident, Fire and Legolas had begun to move a little farther apart without ill effects. So far, after four full days, the elf and ranger could actually be a room apart for almost a half hour before the need to be close tugged them back together.


Fire could feel her mate's heated gaze on her as she looked towards the trees and veiled stars. Fire turned soft green eyes to Legolas, knowing he too longed for the comfort of the tree's branches with the freedom to sit and sing to the stars above. The ranger smiled shyly at her mate's approach, but joyfully leaned into his embrace without any hesitation. "When will we be able to actually eat something solid again? The nectar tastes wonderful, but absolutely and positively I need to chew upon something!! I swear right now anything would do!" Fire lamented as her feral kindred hunger rolled through the ranger's system. The husky, very seductive, very masculine chuckle Legolas gave her, made the ranger narrow her eyes.


"Behave Elf! I believe we have done enough of that already. I crave food!! If I can not get some rabbit stew or pheasant soon I will go insane!! Why must you Elves persist in doing weird things during binding? From what Lady Galadriel told me about the kindred, we just share blood, mate and are bound. No muss. No fuss. No dying, if apart. No meat deprivation!! So much simpler!" the ranger sighed in frustration as she gave her mate a  seriously grumpy sidelong glance.


"Little one, your wish is my command," the elf said with a low bow, "In three hours time, I will fill you a plate stacked high with meat to staunch your feline cravings. There is a feast tonight that we will be attending, unless you wish to remain here in cozy solitude, my kitten?" the suggestive gleam in his darkening blue eyes made Fire shake her head in tender amusement. Desire curled lazily in her stomach, but the ranger decided to make her elf wait a bit longer. Sliding past her mate with a heated purr, Fire had the pleasure of seeing her mate's eyes blaze indigo at her warm invitation. The ranger grinned evilly as her mate's face went from heated need to resigned frustration as her cheerful words penetrated the haze of desire that wrapped itself around the elf.


"Come with me you Idiot Elf for you owe me a chance to win back my bow! Now will you be mithril or gold?" Fire dropped to the floor in front of the fireplace where a chessboard was set up and quirked an inquiring eyebrow in Legolas' direction. "Ty do you really think you will need to win back your bow? As it is,  you now are in possession of your sword, your quiver and arrows, your daggers, my bow, my quiver and arrows, my daggers, my clothes and most of all my heart and soul. Can I not just gift you with your bow, so we might endeavor to try more pleasurable pursuits before the evening meal is called?" the elf cajoled hopefully, having read his mate's aroused state. A low growl was all the warning the elf received before his mate pounced on him scattering the chess pieces across the floor.


Laurel wanted some answers and she was not above sneak tactics to get them. Watching the Twin walk off towards the river, the she elf began to plot her next move. 'How do I catch his attention without being subtle, but in an unusual way?' A grin spread across her face as an idea began to form. It had worked on her brother, Legolas, a couple times already, so one unsuspecting twin should be an easy mark. With a decidedly gleeful heart, Laurel ran off to gather her supplies and plot out just where to set the trap.


The Twins were ushered up the stairs to the royal talan by an armed escort of eight palace guards. For once they had no idea of why they were being summoned in such a way, for the Twins had played not even one trick on anyone this trip. Elladan was shocked enough to slam to a halt when his younger twin muttered that it was probably because of him that they were being called to the Lady's presence with such a large and armed escort. "What do you speak of Ro? What have you done that you did not let me in on?" came the worried voice of Elladan.


"It most likely has to do with the wood nymph and the talk I had with Thranduil. I am still in a quandary of weather he said, 'Could or Would' court his daughter. If it is 'would', he may well be bringing this situation to our grandparents' attention to see about betrothing us. It is the only thing I can possibly think of that would warrant such a large escort." Elrohir's reply came dejectedly.


"This is what you have been brooding over for the last four days? Why did you not confide in me brother? You know well I would help in anyway I can. King Thranduil can not force you to bind to his wayward daughter, if she is even truly his daughter, for Ada would allow no such thing to happen to us. Take heart Ro, this may not have anything to do with that." Elladan said outraged at the very thought of his younger brother being forced to bind to one not of his own choosing.


"Let us continue and see," Elrohir's soft reply came as his twin nodded in agreement. Turning once again to the stairs, the Twins walked to their demise with a confident stride.


Haldir watched as Briar moved gracefully ahead of him. She had convinced him to come walking with her and he was now very glad he had agreed. Her sweet smile tugged at his heart, but he pushed the feeling away. It had been a long time since someone had stirred even a small piece of his heart. A frown marred his forehead as the thought of the other long dead sentinel brushed his mind. It had been a millennium or more, yet the pain was still there in his heart; lingering. A soft touch to his cheek broke through the fog of memories. Looking down Haldir was surprised to find Briar's hand against his cheek so gently it felt like a butterfly. Her worried eyes watched him carefully.


His sweet sentinel's distress was so evident to the March warden that his instinct to comfort rose unbidden. Reaching up to cover the hand at his cheek, Haldir let his other hand slow wrap around the sentinel's waist drawing her closer. Turning his head slightly brought the March warden's lips in contact with Briar's palm and he placed a soft lingering kiss against her skin. The indrawn breath brought a smirk to the elf's face. He could sense how aware of him she was, and perversely it made the March warden want to press his advantage, even knowing he could not, would not, get involved with Briar. Pulling her tight against his lithe frame, Haldir captured Briar's lips in a deep completely mind numbing kiss. Feeling her melt into him, Haldir lifted her off her feet and set her on the nearby wooden bench without breaking the kiss. When she let out a moan of desire, Haldir broke the kiss and grinned down at her dazed demeanor. "Next time Feline, you might want to remember who you are playing with. Enjoy the garden."  The March warden huskily murmured into the dazed sentinel's ear before he turned and left her blinking in confusion.


It was inconceivable!! It was not right! They had been knocked from their appointed place of hell raisers extraordinaire! It was WAR!! It was hilarious, devious and down right ingenious! Purple!! Now that was one color they had yet to try. They grinned simultaneously, looking like a pair of pleasing bookends. Elladan and Elrohir wanted to find the intrepid prankster who had the guts to go up against their grand-Ada and win. They turned back trying to stifle the laughter that threatened to bubble over as they watched the always impeccable Lord Celeborn rant and rave like a lunatic, sporting bright purple hair. They had to admit that the prankster was color coordinated as the purple hair went quite well with the lime green skin color the Lord was now sporting as well. For once they could, with all honesty, claim no knowledge of the prank, but they were determined to find the culprit and ask how the hideous shade of purple was made. The Twins thought Lord Glorfindel would look fetching in that particular shade and Lord Erestor would look absolutely fabulous in lizard green skin to match Glorfindel's hair.


About half an hour into the ranting, the sound of approaching feet could be heard. Everyone turned towards the door. One was glaring daggers, two were puzzled and one was enjoying herself immensely. From behind the curtain, being escorted by Orophin and Rumil, was Thranduil's daughter. Galadriel began to giggle hard enough to bring tears when the innocent looking elleth smiled at Lord Celeborn and commented sweetly, "My Lord you are quite colorful today! I dare say those colors suit you as much as I had hoped they would."


Celeborn gasped in shock, the Twins glared at their prankster title stealing rival and Galadriel just giggled harder. Laurel knew she was in dire straights. If her Ada found out about this prank, she would not be allowed out of Mirkwood for at least the next three centuries. Of course the prank had been meant for Legolas, before she was approached by Galadriel. The Lady had explained to the Mirkwood King's wayward daughter that the way to attract her grandson's attention was to out do him in a prank, in such a way that it would go down in the history records of Lothlorien. THIS definitely qualified!! She had another surprise in store for the Twin, but that she would take care of should she survive the wrath of Celeborn. With a huge smirk, Laurel noticed she had the attention of not one but both Twins. That could prove to be quite amusing in the near future.


The Fellowship finished packing up their personal items in preparation of their departure on the morrow. Aragorn was still a little worried about the elf and ranger, but Galadriel had assured him all would be well and the need for nearness was already greatly lessened. In a few more days they would not need to worry at all, for the bond would be solid and unbreakable. Aragorn knew that Legolas and Fire would be making their first appearance in public since their binding ceremony and he was curious how this bond would effect their way of interacting.


All of the Fellowship were excited to have their friends rejoin the group especially Gimli and Pipen. The Dwarf had been put out with all those who had been involved in the  near fatal incident, except Galadriel who the dwarf thought could do no wrong. When he found that both Legolas and Fire had nearly been lost without a word being said to the Fellowship, he had thrown a severe hissy fit Fire would have been proud of. Aragorn had to laugh at the dwarf's antics as Gimli went into a packing frenzy so he would be the first one done and therefore be able to meet up with the two missing members before any of the others. Gimli still was not sure about Aragorn's assurances that the newly bonded couple was now safe from disastrous harm, so he was determined to see for himself as soon as Dwarvenly possible. Watching the dwarf slam the last of his possessions into his pack, Aragorn  grinned widely as Gimli headed off in the direction of the binding talan.


Elladan was ready to rip out the throat of the miscreant who had laid the trap he now found himself stuck in. It had been an innocent walk turned hideous nightmare for the elf in question. One minute he was whistling a merry tune trying to figure out how to approach the Mirkwood King's daughter in regards to both his twin and the recipe for purple hair dye, the next he was flipped upside down and dragged into the foliage of a Mallorn tree. To add insult to injury, before Elladan could see the culprit, he had been blindfolded  and had  his arms tied to the trunk of the tree; tight enough to allow no room for escape. Someone was really going to have to pay the price once he got himself free, unfortunately it looked like it would be awhile before attaining freedom was an option.


Fire was the first to spot Gimli leaning against the end of the stairs leading to the binding talan. Her face lit up with joy at seeing the gruff, kind hearted dwarf. Racing down the last few stairs, Fire hit Gimli full force rolling them both in the dirt to the dwarf's secret delight. Grumbling good naturedly, Gimli grinned at Fire before turning a baleful eye towards Legolas. In a grumbling voice full of censor, the dwarf began lecturing the elf. "Elf what were you thinking? It did not occur that Fire knew nothing of your blasted Elf ways? I would have thought even a flighty butterfly chaser such as yourself would at least explain the rudimentary customs of your people before subjecting a practical person like our ranger to these hair brained ideas. If anything of merit had happened to the lassie I would have had to do dire harm to your empty head with my axe. As it is we will keep a really close eye on your behavior towards our ranger in the future! Now lass," Gimli said in a softer voice turning to the grinning ranger, "how do you fare? Is the Elf treating you alright? Is there anything you need? If there is you but have to ask and I will see it done."


The other members of the Fellowship had come to greet their missing friends just in time to witness Gimli's tirade and the red face Legolas sported from his dressing down by the dwarf. It was because the dwarf was right, that the elf flushed with guilt rather than embarrassment of the lecture. Legolas had explained a few more Elven customs that he had neglected to mention before. He had just assumed that Fire knew of them, because she was the ward of Lord Elrond. Legolas was thrilled by the obvious high regard in which Gimli held his mate, and saw she returned the dwarf's regard in equal measure.


"If the Idiot Elf gets out of hand I will just hand him over to you and Haldir. Luckily so far, he has warranted no ill treatment and truthfully his care of me after the miscommunication has been exemplary. He has even given me another list of Elven customs I should know about. For a flighty Elven mate, he is not half bad. Not very practical mind you, but he sings rather well so not all is lost. I do believe you are rubbing off on him master Dwarf for he has been know to have a few earthbound thoughts during some of our conversations. I found it to be rather surprising but in a very good way. Mayhap we will corrupt this Elf and make a level headed creature out of him yet!" came Fire's teasing reply. She tossed a sultry look at her mate as she spoke, bringing an answering heat to his eyes.


The dwarf's burst of merriment was infectious and the whole of the Fellowship joined in; including the elf in question. Getting control of themselves once more the company began to walk back to the same campsite that the Fellowship had been using for their stay in the Golden Woods. "Aye Gimli, I was lax in my regard to Elven customs but that I have remedied quite thoroughly. You have no need to worry on Ty's account for she will no doubt leave little behind should I behave in a manner more fit for wild wargs. She is my heart and soul Master Dwarf and as such I will protect and cherish her as much as she will let me! Though not as much as I would like!! She has a bit of Dwarven blood I fear for she is ever so obstinate!" Legolas teased Gimli, but at the same time letting all know in the company that his mate was well cared for; though she was loathe to allow it.


The Fellowship crowded around the small fire ring and began to go over the plans for their departure on the morrow. All watched with amusement as the elf dropped onto a log while the ranger curled up on the ground next to him; dropping her head onto his thigh as she listened avidly to the discussion. It did the company's heart good to see the affectionate nature blossom between the elf and ranger. As Fire lay calmly against the elf's leg, Legolas was absently stroking her moon colored hair. Aragorn lifted an eyebrow in Gimli's direction and gave a small nod in the bonded couples vicinity. The answering smile of contentment from the dwarf, pleased Aragorn greatly for he had seen the friendship growing between not only Gimli and Fire, but Legolas and Gimli. This was sure going to be an incredibly interesting trip!



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