Mary-Sue of a Different Colour, A


48. Never say Meat to a Carnivore

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A/N2:  I now have a second story up called "Moonfire" that introduces a few new characters you will soon meet in "Hellfire" Two of the characters from "Moonfire" are extremely important when the bad guys show up. The second story starts well before the Council of Elrond, just before Fire is found by Glorfindel and the Twins. It will also give you a peek into Fire's early life in Imlandris. Hope you will like the new story (or should I say semi-prequal?) as much as you like "Hellfire" I have tried to keep the feel / tone of the characters in the same line as this story! This story will still be my main focus so do not dispair!!  The new story will be much shorter because it is the background for their appearance in "Hellfire" though the story will  stand on its own!   !!!!Relax, Read, Enjoy!!!!

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Never Say Meat to a Carnivore



Meat: Oh joyous, delicious, tasty treat of carnivores. While not everyone believes meat is wonderful and vegetarians will concur, to carnivores there is nothing better. It comes in many flavors and types, but in the end it is all the same! There is light meat, dark meat, high fatty meat and lean healthy meat. To a carnivore the absence of meat even for a short while has been known to make said carnivore cranky and territorial! Beware should you come between a carnivore and its plate piled high with meat, for you may be doomed to a pain filled existence.


Legolas watched in amazement as Fire proceeded to devour an extremely large portion of meat. He had not understood the almost insane need for meat his mate had, as he preferred vegetables, fruits, nuts and cheese to meat. The binding had allowed them only the nectar to drink, because their changing physiology could not handle solid food until their bond was almost completely set. They had a few more days before all the symptoms were gone and the bond was cemented forever. They were now able to move some distance away from each other without harm and do it for longer periods of time, they needed to sleep much less, had nearly lost the unquenchable insane urge to mate at the drop of a hat and they could now eat solid food.


Fire went back for a third helping of pheasant when Legolas reached out and took the plate away. To give the elf his due, Legolas was just worried about how Fire's stomach would handle the first two giant platefuls. Unfortunately for the elf, his mate was not as forgiving in nature. Her eyes narrowed to slits and a low rumble crawled out her throat. Legolas blinked in surprise just as his mate leaned over him and snarled, "Give it back now, you evil meat thief!"


All at the table looked on stunned as Legolas glared right back at the ranger and growled, "I am keeping your plate, little one, until we see how you respond to the other two helpings. I will give it back in half an hour if you are fine, but not a minute less so behave, churlish one." Haldir and Aragorn cringed, awaiting Fire's explosive rebuttal. They stared in shock when the ranger slid back into her seat with a single snarl. Meeting Aragorn's eyes across the table, Haldir quirked an eyebrow at the man. Aragorn's slight shrug told the March warden that Aragorn was just as puzzled by Fire's retreat as he was.

Fire debated with herself if she should just wait the half hour or steal back her plate when her mate was not looking. To be honest with herself the damn elf just might be right about not having thirds as her stomach was beginning to roll around in queasy circles. She hated to be wrong and most definitely hated the fact her mate was right. Her stomach was now most enthusiastically dancing a merry jig and her head hurt! Fire was disgusted at this traitorous rebellion her body was participating in with gusto.


'Damn Elf will never let me forget I over did it!! I can see him telling everyone for years to come that I would not listen to him and was sick all over Galadriel's dinner table. Just what I need, another excuse for them to ban me from Lothlorien! Hellfire! Just once I would like to leave at least one Lorien elf with a halfway decent impression. Briar will kill me if I get thrown out and told never to come back. Maybe I should just have some more wine. Oh no not smart that smells truly foul at the moment!' the ranger berated herself pushing her wine glass far away.


Gimli watched in amused concern as Fire turned a few different shades of green. Turning from the pale ranger, Gimli caught sight of the tender smile Legolas bestowed upon his now pale green mate. The gentle expression warmed the dwarf's heart and made him realize being a friend to this one elf was not so bad. The two had been bickering violently since they had met, but since their arrival in the Golden Woods a drastic change had begun to take place. Mayhap it was the shared loss of the wizard, the horrible days of waiting for their ranger to regain consciousness or maybe it was seeing how the Mirkwood elf treated his ranger friend that changed his mind about this particular elf.


The fact that the elf had stood up to his own Ada, the King of Mirkwood, in defense of Fire had indeed raised Gimli's regard for the elf against the dwarf's own wishes. Gimli had come to realize over the past month that he enjoyed the friendly, if boisterous, banter that had replaced the heated vicious bickering that had been their normal conversations. All in all, the dwarf decided, Legolas was not like most of the stuck up prissy elves he had met and he might even make a half decent dwarf if the damn elf ever got his head out of the clouds and stopped chasing butterflies and such. Sitting back in his chair with a contented sigh, Gimli watched his two friends' antics. They both tried to appear nonchalant about the strange color Fire had turned, due to the over abundance of meat she had already consumed, but they were both doing a poor job of it.


Elladan was mulling over who could have been as bold and stupid as to set a trap for one of the Lord and Lady's grandchildren. Whoever it was had nerves of mithril and a very nasty sense of humor. The oldest twin could feel eyes upon him and heard the gentle rhythmic breathing that signaled the perpetrators position to his left. Elladan wondered if his captor was finally beginning to understand the grave consequences of his act. After a few long minutes of silence, a soft female voice spoke, "So Elf, we meet at last!"


Elladan stiffened in shock. It could not be her, as she still roamed the upper areas of Imlandris with his Ada's full consent. Memories of lavender-grey eyes and swirling silver hair raced across his chaotic mind. It had been years since he had last spoken to that dangerous and vile female, but the twin knew for certain that this voice that echoed the words from his memory was not the same husky one that had first uttered them. Anger bubbled to the surface like hot lava just from the feelings the memories awoke. This female was about to have a thoroughly ticked off elf on her hands and Elladan was sure he would be way too much for her to handle. A grim smile touched the twin's lips while he waited for the elleth to untie him.


Fire was now positive that her body hated her! She was about ready to leave and drag her mate with her with a very quickly made up excuse when the doors to the dining hall opened and an elf maid walked in. Fire surged to her feet in near hysteria as the sight, of this elf maid, made old memories surface. The lightheadedness that followed her rise to her feet made the ranger drop back into her chair again. She felt the shock of recognition flow through Legolas and turned to question him. The sight of his mouth hanging open was humorous indeed, but the emotions stirred up by the she elf's appearance left no room to appreciate the odd occurance of Legolas' calm being thrown for a loop. Standing up, Legolas glared at the new arrival and demanded in an annoyed voice, "Just what in Arda are you doing here Laurel?"


No one but Haldir marked the reaction of Briar to the newcomer's appearance. He saw her look up and then watched as her face began to pale in waves from forehead to neck. The March warden was worried his sentinel was going to pass out in shock, but was relieved when she kept upright. Briar began to shiver violently as the newly arrived she elf smiled sweetly at Legolas because of the Mirkwood elf's outburst. Taking Briar's hand in his, Haldir was surprised to feel the acute pain radiating from his hand at the sentinel's death grip. Hearing the elleth's reply to the Mirkwood prince made Haldir's eyes widen to saucers. Not another one!!


"Well brother mine, Gandalf told me to be here when Ada came to Lothlorien. He said those I waited for would be here but he forgot to mention you would be binding to my older sister! So I guess I am now officially your sister and your law sister. How exceedingly strange is that! Sweet Eru!! Leaf I have never seen you turn that color before, are you alright?" came the cheerful, yet slightly puzzled voice of Laurel as she watched all color drain from her brother's face matching his mate in shock.



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