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5. Elf Ears and Hobbit Tongues

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Elf Ears and Hobbit Tongues
          Morning came as it always does, quietly and softly, except this one was soon to be disturbed by questions, Questions and more dang QUESTIONS. From the moment the hobbits stopped stuffing food down their throats, the questions began in earnest.
Fire was plotting revenge on the nosy creatures. Never had she felt like slowly strangling  such harmless things with such relish. The fact the rest of the company was watching her so closely had also designed to make her grumpy. She had tried to tune out the persistent chatter, but it was finally enough. She turned to give the hobbits a piece of her mind, but the sweet face of Pippin, so blissfully unaware of his immediate demise, softened her temper.
          "Alright, alright I will answer a few questions IF you will give me some peace and quiet afterwards!", the ranger said suddenly. Pippin's eyes widened dramatically, "Oh yes, we will we promise. So now HOW did you heal so fast? Is Hellfire your real name and if not why do people call you that? Where do you come from? Do you have family? How come you are a ranger when you are a girl? How old are you?" Fire held up her hand to still Pippin's wagging tongue before more questions could come barreling out. Sighing lightly, the ranger thought of all the questions the hobbit had asked. "Ok Pippin I will answer a few of them, but only the ones I want to answer, understand little one?" Pippin nodded his head enthusiastically in agreement, especially as he had not thought the ranger would even answer one question. "I am a ranger because I am a warrior and a good tracker. The rangers afforded me the opportunity to fight the evil that roams Middle Earth, without an oath of service and only the twisted twins of  Imlandris and one ranger know I am female. Yes, I do have a family of sorts, but no immediate blood kin. Well, actually, no blood kin alive that I know of here. I will not tell you how I healed as I did nor will I tell you where I am from. That knowledge is given to very, very few people and the fate of the company does not hinge on me, so there is no need to divulge it. As for my age, I am older then I look and much younger then you would guess. Hellfire is my name now, but I did go by another years ago. As for how I came by the name, I will tell you if you truly wish to know." The hobbits all nodded quickly, lest the ranger change her mind and Gimli heartily exclaimed," Aye lassie, I would hear your tale if you would be so kind. It would be a pleasant break from this mindless walking."
          Smiling at the Dwarf, Fire gathered her thoughts on how much to reveal of her background. Not paying attention to the others, she failed to see the elf , the two men and a very smirky wizard slow their pace nonchalantly, to keep within hearing distance. "Well, how do I explain without explaining it all? Ok, I was searching in a forest, during a storm, trying to find someone. I came upon a glade and found the person I sought surrounded by others. I quickly went to interrupt the vengeful game the others played, when lightning struck a nearby tree. I must have been too close, because everything began to swirl in colors. Once my vision cleared, I spied an orc bearing down on me, though at the time I knew not what vile creature was in front of me. The noise of an arrow rushing past my head was the only indication I was not alone with the evil spawn. It fell dead in front of me. I saw hands reaching out to grab me and heard chattering. Truthfully, I could not figure out if it was voices speaking a strange language or my own teeth that was chattering. I frantically shook my head toclear it and tried to see my missing companion, when everything became swirling colors again. I awoke in the camp of Elrohir and Elladan and, at first, I was sure I had hit my head too hard; they were not only exactly alike in appearance, but had pointed ears and glowed slightly. They asked my name and the only thing that came out of my mouth was 'Hellfire', so Hellfire I became. I had actually said Hellfire as a strong curse to my new fate, but I figured it fit me as well. Later, I told my true name to only Gandalf , Elrond and the twins making them swear an oath to not reveal it to anyone. That is all there is to the story of my name." With that, Fire trotted ahead of the company to take her turn at scouting.
          It had been many hours of walking, and all the company, save the elves, were exhausted. After Sam had handed out the evening meal and the dishes were washed and stored, everyone sat around staring at the campfire, deep in thought or speaking quietly amongst themselves. Fire lazily stretched, unaware of the appreciative stares of the males, and wandered away from camp, as per usual.  Clambering up a nearby tree, Fire lay back against the trunk and began to sing softly. The company listened, rapturously, as the words, to the unknown song, weaved a spell of contentment and hope around them. As the last haunting note drifted on the wind, Fire looked down to the branch below her.
          "You are not in your usual tree, sir elf. To what do I owe the honor of your company in my tree?" the ranger said quietly. Legolas stared into her sad eyes, and moved up to sit on Fire's branch. "Your song was so sad, yet so full of hope. I wished to watch your face as you sang; to see for myself if you indeed held such high hopes in these dark times, and if the sadness would be there as well. It truly was a beautiful song. What is it called?" The ranger sighed heavily, "The song is a spiritual song from my home. In times of strife, we sing it and many others like it. That one was called "Amazing Grace" It is a hymn of acceptance that only with faith and hope in all things will we persevere in the trails set before us. I will sing another, if you wish."
The elf smiled broadly at the ranger's offer. "I would  enjoy hearing you sing another of your songs." Fire thought, for a few moments, then looked to the elf next to her. "The song is called "Reluctant Daughter". It is the tale of a woman who has been forsaking the higher power, but comes to find her faith again. It is one of my favorites, for I relate to this woman's struggles to find hope." Softly at first, then becoming louder as the song progressed, Fire sang of the woman at the well who finds her faith and ask forgiveness for her doubts. As the last note ended, Fire began the rollicking tune of "Row Row Row your Boat". Finally, Fire sat quietly, with the elf but two feet away, watched the stars, and listened to Legolas sing a beautiful Elvish song.
The company, save for the elves above and Boromir who had guard duty , settled down to sleep with the sweet voice of the elf  helping to lull them into dreams. As the song finished, the ranger smiled at the elf then slowly climbed back down and made for her bedroll. Sighing happily, Legolas leaned against the trunk of the tree and slid into the Elvish form of dreams; reverie.

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