Mary-Sue of a Different Colour, A


9. Deep Pits and Warg Bites

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Deep Pits and Warg Bites
        Moria. That such a small word could cause dread in the hearts of brave men, showed how evil a place it was. Pitch black, save for the light from Gandalf's staff, the walls of Moria stood in silent disapproval of the Fellowship's intrusion. Alert for possible danger, the company moved quietly through the inky dark. Of all the Fellowship, only Gimli was unaffected by the closeness of the mine. The men were uneasy. The hobbits scared. Gandalf  walked in fear, of what had been disturbed in the depth of the mine. The elves felt the claustrophobic weight of the stone around them and were nervously scanning their surroundings.
          For hours uncounted, the company pressed on. Scrambling over rocks. Climbing steep inclines. Everyone, save the elves, needed rest, but they were loath to stop. Up stairs they toiled. A total of two hundred Sam told the group, as they sat and had a rest on a rock outcropping. Eating and drinking was first on the hobbits mind and to this the others heartily agreed. After a short rest, the company trudged onward, ever conscious of the need for silence.
          A set of tunnels were ahead. Gandalf sat on a rock and contemplated them. The wizard told the Fellowship that he had no memory of the place, yet he stared at the tunnels as if hoping for a sign. Frodo went to the wizard's side, and they began quietly to converse about the creature that followed them. Gollum. Fire frowned as she listened intently to the conversation between the old man and Hobbit. A movement to her left caused the elf to come into the ranger's line of sight. With a grim smile, Fire looked at Legolas' arm. He had wrapped it, but the ranger could see that it still seeped blood. Standing purposely, Fire reached into her bag, withdrew a small covered bundle and stalked towards the elf. The look on the ranger's face gave the elf pause.
  Reaching him she held out her hand. "Your arm please.". was all she said. Legolas frowned at the offered hand. "I do not need you assistance. I have already seen to it.", he said defensively. "Ok the hard way it is. Next time you may cooperate.", the ranger said with a smirk, just a second before she sat on the startled elf's lap.
          Legolas was struck dumb as Fire plopped down on his lap facing him and grabbed his arm. She unwrapped his make shift bandage and cursed softly. "Pigheaded, insufferable elf! Look at this arm!! In another few hours it would have become infected. I can not believe you did not take care of this sooner." The ranger shocked the elf immobile when she proceeded to undo his weapons and then unlace his tunic. Stuttering slightly the elf grabbed at the front of his tunic, "What are you doing?". Swatting at the hands holding the tunic in place, Fire calmly replied, " I need this tunic and your undershirt off so I can dress the wounds. Preferably, before you die from your own stupidity." With a quick spurt of determination, the ranger grasped the tunic and dragged it over the protesting elf's head. "Ow! That was uncalled for.", Legolas snarled, even as he tried to grab the quick working fingers divesting him of his shirt. "Now that's better. Let me see how deep the bite is.", she said cheerfully, as she flung his shirt to the side.
          Trying VERY hard not to notice both the nicely muscled chest or the strong arm she held, Fire examined the bite more thoroughly. Frowning, the ranger poked at the edges, eliciting a sharp hiss from the disgruntled elf she sat on. "Legolas if you EVER leave a wound like this again, I will hang you by your ankles from the tallest tree I can find and leave you to rot! I expected better from a seasoned warrior! You will be no use to anyone if you lose your arm from sheer stubborn pride. You can stop glaring at me. I am not letting go until this is cleaned and dressed properly." Muttering to herself about the idiotic pride of the male species, the ranger finished cleaning the wound under the death glare of a pained and embarrassed Legolas. "Ok, the wound is clean. I have a special herb that will help. Try not to use the arm for at least an hour after I apply it.", Fire explained gently.
Reaching between them to her belt, much to the elf's distress, Fire removed her dagger. Using the knife to cut the string holding the bundle closed, she slipped slightly and nicked her finger. Sighing loudly, the ranger removed a few leaves from the bundle then set it aside on the edge of the rock they sat on. Popping the leaves into her mouth, so she could chew them into the right consistency, Fire leveled a baleful glare on the elf only inches from her nose. Spitting out the now chewed leaves, the ranger packed the bite wound with them and stealthily dribbled some of the blood, still dripping from her cut finger, onto the wound. Quickly wrapping the bite, Fire could only hope the elf was distracted enough, by the fact she sat on him, to miss the last ingredient of her ministrations.
          Nonchalantly removing herself from the elf's lap, Fire shook her head. "A warrior should know better then to leave an open wound untreated like that. It will heal quickly now. The healing lore I used will speed up the process. You can get dressed now, but  be more careful.", she scolded, before turning away and settling back in her former spot. Legolas just stared at her speechless for a heartbeat or two. In resigned gratitude, Legolas slightly bowed in the ranger's direction. "Thank you for your concern and for treating my wound. I will endeavor to be mor … OW! What devilry is this?, he hissed grabbing his wounded arm, "My arm feels as if it is on fire and a hundred bugs are crawling across my flesh!" The ranger smiled happily at the indignant elf, "Oh good it is already beginning to heal." The elf just glared. Gandalf looked to Fire with a raised eyebrow, then to the suffering elf "Does it indeed? Humm, curious thing that healing method. Be warned you may encounter strange dreams, as well. I am surprised she would heal you that way, but she is right it will be closed and gone in but a few hours. Still it is curious." Turning back to the tunnels, he suddenly smiled, "Ah , it's this way!"
          Legolas followed behind the ranger, watching her curiously. The fact she seemed concerned for his well being and the subsequent scolding she gave him was a strange puzzle indeed. Her earlier antagonism had not prepared him for the gentle concern her eyes held, nor the fact that he could feel a slight tremor in her hands. There was defiantly more to the ranger then he thought. Legolas was intrigued against his better judgment. 'She is a strange creature. One minute a snarling she wolf, next as gentle as a morning breeze. What has made her this way? She will not allow anyone to help her. Her stubbornness almost out shines my own and her pride is deeply entrenched in her character. Yet, I sense she is covering up her fears with blunt words and angry actions. AI! I still can not believe her actions earlier. That she would demand to dress my wound is one thing, but to sit on me while she doctored my bite was completely unnecessary. Oh by the Valar! I must be slowly going out of my mind. The feel of her thighs pressed so firmly against me, drove all thoughts of pain to the back of my mind. Her scent intoxicated my reason and the feel of her hair against my skin was incredibly arousing. ERU! What am I thinking? She is nothing more than an irritable, annoying distraction. I must be more tired then I realized. To be having such thoughts, about her of all females, only proves I have need of sleep. That is the only reasonable  explanation for my sudden desire to kiss her.' Frowning deeply, Legolas decided to ignore the ranger and the desire that still burned within him. Glancing up from his thoughts, the elf was confronted by the tempting sight of Fire's rear end swaying right ahead of him. With a groan, Legolas closed his eyes and wished for the ranger to be gone far, far away from him.
As they traveled though the great hall of the Dwarven kingdom, Gandalf spoke softly to Fire. "Young one, was it wise to do that? A regular healing poultice would have done as well and not endangered your secrets. You know dreams may come to the elf. They will confuse him greatly, for they are not like the dreams of the Elves. He is suspicious of you already, but this will make him more so. I have to admit that his facial expression will be remembered by me for an age. I have not seen an elf so completely at a loss for words, as poor Legolas was with your antics. Be careful for you are playing a dangerous game with that particular elf, my dear girl." A cry from Gimli interrupted Gandalf. The company turned to the sound and then all followed the distraught Dwarf into a small chamber.
          "Here lies Balin, son of Fundin … Lord of Moria. He is indeed dead then, it is as I feared." Gandalf's sad words carried over the grieving Dwarf's wailing cry. Picking up a book held by a dead Dwarf, Gandalf read to the company about the last stand of Balin's people. Legolas turned to Aragorn, "We must not linger here." Aragorn nodded his agreement. The loud crash of a falling skeleton made everyone jump.
BOOM         BOOM       BOOM
Drums slowly began to beat getting louder every second. "Fool of a Took throw yourself in next time and rid us of your stupidity!" Gandalf spat at Pippin, the one who had knocked the Dwarf skeleton into the well. "Frodo," Sam said suddenly, looking at the other Hobbit's sword glowing with blue light. "ORCS!," Legolas spat in disgust. Boromir rushed to the door and barely missed getting hit by a pair of arrows. Aragorn joined him as they were thrown a pair of axes by Legolas. Using the axes to bar the door, Boromir looked at the company, "They have a cave troll." , he said dryly. 
Gimli jumped up on the tomb of his cousin, Balin. "ARRRGHH!! Let them come! There is one Dwarf yet in Moria that still draws breath." The Hobbits drew their swords and made ready for battle. The wizard discarded his hat and drew his sword, as the weapons of the enemy pounded down the door. Fire grabbed her weapons and threw a prayer to the Valar that what she knew, would truly come to pass. Deep in her heart, there were, at least some things, she wished she could change.

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