Mary Sue Challenge

Bend In the Road, A

9. Epilogue

So many years have passed since that one year which changed my whole life! I am over a hundred years old now. I have watched summer give way to winter many times, and I have felt myself grow old. The aching in my bones makes it hard to get around as much as I used to. I've got an apprentice now, and I mostly just mix the medicines. Ruby will make a very nice midwife when I'm gone, and that's a fact, but it's a pity I couldn't teach her more talent with the healing herbs.

People try to tell me I've kept my age well, but I know better then to believe them. I've looked in the Pool at Bywater many a time and seen my dark curls turn to silver. Sometimes, I'm a silly old hobbit--I worry that Frodo won't recognize me anymore, now I'm so wrinkled and my hair's all gray. But I really do know better. I know that inside, I'm the same Lily Goldworthy of that beautiful summer we shared. Only the outside has changed, and I'll leave that behind in the end. Frodo will know me when I go to meet him.

I'm not afraid to die. I know that the hobbits whisper about how strange I am for that, but it doesn't matter. I never have been afraid since that September day when Frodo told me we'd be together. Like his road, mine is drawing to an end. I can nearly see the lights of the inn where I'll rest at the close of my day. Frodo will be waiting there for me, I know it. Surely the Powers will grant us that kindness. I've dreamed of it many a time, and some night soon, the dream will become real.

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