I'll Drink to That!

To the Fellowship

1. To the Fellowship

I see this as a song that would be sung long after the Ring War, probably long after Elessar's death, when all the events had become legend. It was inspired by a Phil Ochs song "The Men Behind the Guns" which is in turn based on a poem of the same name by John Jerome Rooney.

The Gondorian soldiers probably found it a great excuse to drink nine drinks.

Drink when day is done to the steward's son,
the Captain-General bold,
To defend the small he gave his all,
and his deeds will long be told.

For the valiant Pip we'll take a sip
of the ale that's Gondor's pride,
Then drink to the fame of Merry's name,
he who stood at the Shield-maid's side.

And a cup they say for the wizard grey -
All praise to his long sight,
In the caves he fell to the balrog's spell,
then he rose again: The White.

Lift a mug to the pair in the Valar's care,
the noble Elven lord -
and the dwarf with the axe whose fierce attacks
beat back the orcish horde.

Raise a jug for the man who saved our land
when the fields and the city burned,
He fought and healed for the common weal -
The rightful King returned.

Here now dear, bring another beer
for Sam the loyal friend,
Sam's the lad for when things are bad -
Steadfast to the very end.

And last of all let's make our call
for the one of whom all sing,
Frodo brave and true who saw it through-
the one who bore the ring,
Yes, the one who bore the ring.

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