Winter Solstice

Day Shall Come Again

2. Boromir's Mediations

In Gondor the Sunfire was kindled in the Court of
the Tree and householders from the lower circles would
come in great numbers to take an ember for their own
fires. At Darkfall, after the fire was extinguished,
the dwellers in the Citadel and nobles from the Sixth
Circle would go in candlelit procession to the Hallows
to hold vigil with their fathers.

Boromir and Faramir would sit beside their mother
for the first hour or so, until Father finished making
his bows to his predecessors and came to join them.
But Denethor's sons knew he liked to have time alone
with his wife so they took their departure soon after
and went on to pay their respects elsewhere. Which in
Boromir's case meant going to sit beside his namesake
Boromir I the warrior Steward who had driven back the
Morgul Lord.

The Lighting and the Responses complete Boromir
halted at the foot of the knoll in the Hallow of
Rivendell, candle in hand, at a loss. The monuments
around him were to strangers, he had no idea where to

Then one of the fair haired Half-Elven women who'd
been assisting Lady Arwen touched his arm. He looked
at her and he smiled up at him and led him to the
half-life sized statue of a Woman, with the winged
crown of Gondor in her hands.

He didn't need to see the name carved on the
pedestal to know this was Firiel, the Princess of
Gondor who'd married into the Line of Isildur. He
nodded his gratitude to the Half-Elven woman and lit
the candles set around Firiel's memorial with his
taper. Then settled back to contemplate his fellow
exile from the White City.

And they'd had something else in common, she too
had had a younger brother named Faramir. But Firiel's
Faramir had died in battle, along with his father and
elder brother, ending the direct line of the Anarioni.
But of course it hadn't really ended, Boromir frowned
at the sudden realization. He'd never thought it
through before but Firiel was the daughter of Ondoher,
and she'd had sons.

The direct male line from Mardil the Good Steward
had been broken twice and the House of Hurin carried
on by a sister-son or grandson. So why pass over
Firiel's sons for a remote cousin of the Royal Line?
Just because their father was Isildur's Heir? If
anything that should have counted in their favor
considering how dilute the Royal Blood had become by didn't make sense.

Granted Earnil II had been a good King but Boromir
had no use for his son the last King. Prince Faramir
had disobeyed the orders of his father and ridden in
disguise to the battle that killed him, but he'd been
young and foolish. Boromir had been young and foolish
once - he could understand and sympathize with
Faramir's mistake.(1) But Earnur! How any Man, much
less an experienced Captain and warrior, could be
idiot enough to trust himself to the good faith of a
creature of the Nameless was beyond Boromir's
comprehension, and a folly past his forgiveness.

By the time of Earnur's death Firiel's sons had
been grown Men and the last of Anarion's Line yet
they'd been passed over yet again, and for no good
reason Boromir could see. He had never in his life
questioned the rightness of the Steward's rule and it
shook him to the heart to question it now, but looking
into the sad sculpted face of the last Princess he
just could not see the justice of disregarding her
rights - or those of her sons.

Isildur's Heirs had no claim on Gondor for their
forefather had surrendered the Southern Kingdom to his
brother's son.(2) But the Anarioni were the rightful
Kings and liege lords of the House of Hurin....and if
the Heir of Isildur was also Anarion's Heir did not
Boromir then owe him his allegience just as the Elf
had said?

1. Boromir is still young in years, even by the
measure of the shorter lived Dunedain of the South,
but very old in experience and he no longer thinks of
himself young.

2. This is not in fact true, but it is what Boromir
has been taught.


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