Tom's Brooch

A Jewel Once, Lost

1. A Jewel Once, Lost


"It was in a rock-pool."

The girl fidgeted nervously under her father's gaze despite herself.

"In a rock-pool."

It was half-statement, half-question. The girl licked her lips nervously.

"Down by the shore. I know you told me not to, but the storm is over, Father, and the sunrise was so beautiful, and-"

Her father's raised hand cut off her sentence as surely as a blade.

"This is..."

Tears glittered in his eyes.


Had she been anyone other than the chieftan's daughter, her jaw would have dropped with shock.

He crooked a finger of the hand that held the brooch- impossibly beautiful, glimmering like a fallen star despite the dim light of the hall- crooked a finger at his daughter, and despite herself she stepped towards him.

Slowly, silently- almost reverently- the chieftan passed the brooch to his daughter.

"In a rock-pool, you say?"

She nodded, and he nodded in return.

"Then you must keep it, my daughter- the gifts of the Lord of the Waters are the most precious of all, are they not?"

She nodded again. She wanted to ask her father why, what was so special about this piece of flotsam, but something deep within her told her to remain silent.

But she knew she would treasure the brooch always.

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