Where was Glorfindel?

Very Bad Day, A

1. Glorfindel's POV

Disclaimer: Characters do not belong to me. Never have, Never will. *sigh*
I have had a bad day. I wish I had stayed I bed as planed but instead I was woken up at first light by two not so small elves jumping on me. The twins were their usual happy selves and had this been a normal day I would have joined in the pranks that were sure to follow. But Elladan happily yelled in my sensitive ear the Elrond wanted to speak with me at once and that I should wear my riding clothes. I told them to go away and leave me alone but Elrohir kept on poking me in the side and forcing me to get up.

Ten minutes later I was standing in front of Elrond’s door yawning and trying to braid my hair. I would have stood outside a while longer if Erestor had not come and pushed me inside. I refuse to believe that he did not know that the door was unopened and he used my head as a door knocker. Guess he found out about the sap I put on the entrance to his chambers. I wisely tried not to laugh as he shoved me inside.

Let me stop for a moment. I have made it clear that I was having a bad day but that was nothing compared to what was going to happen next. Elrond told me as best as he could of the situation with Estel and the hobbits. Naturally I agreed to go and left to collect my sword and to ready Asfaloth. A little while later I was mounted and trotting down the main path in the direction of the ford. I had schooled my face into that of an Elf- Lord but when I was knocked of my horse and into the manure pile I could not help the look of surprise that my face held. I felt something heavy land on my back and soon all light was gone. Now, had it been a normal day I would have moved to challenge my attacker, but this was not a normal day. The thing that had dared to steal my horse had shoveled more manure onto my back and held me prisoner in a mass of horse excretions. It took a while but the overpowering odor and lack of air sent me into oblivion.

When I came to I could hear multiple footsteps and heavy hoof beats. Without thinking I stood. Silence and then four shrieks and a whinny that sounded like a scream and they were gone. I watched them run off screaming until realization hit me soundly on my head. There were three Halflings, a man, and a small horse. They were the ones I as supposed to save. I ran after them.

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