International Legolas Month Song Parody Palooza


1. Legs

A/N: Well, I still don't have the CD, and admittedly, the end is rather weak, so perhaps the weakness of the parody makes it suited to my inability to find the proper rhythm, even with the help of the MIDI.


He's not 'Legs', now don't be abusin'
That royal tag, it's just not amusin'
To only get to wonder if they know even
'Legolas' is the name if they'd not simply pain him
He's no baby, he's no baby
'Legs' ain't all right

He's got hair down to his fanny
No dye or spray, it's every girl's fantasy
But call him 'Leggy'—he knows what to do
Don't wanna see that bow—he knows how to use it
Gruesome fate—he shoots straight
'Leggy's' for a fight

He's not 'Legs', so he'll be refusin'
His 'Leggy' fans—he knows how to choose them
They can pine, he's got time
Stays in at night, movin' through the mines
Cuz "I want him, said I got to have him!
"Gimli's all right, he's all right"

"Legs" MIDI

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