Confessions of a Dangerous Mind


11. Chapter Eleven

"Wow, you look really beautiful," Legolas said.

"You look nice, too," Marinalite said.

"Really?" Legolas asked.

"Yeah," Marinalite said.

"Marinalite, will you marry me?" Legolas asked.

"Even though I've only known you for like two days?" Marinalite asked.

"Yeah," Legolas said.

"Oh, okay," Marinalite said. "Sure, I'll marry you."

"That's really great," Legolas said.

"Yeah," Marinalite said.

"Ahhh, there are a bunch of Uruk-hai here!" Pippin said.

"Oh, no!" Everyone screamed.

"I'll help you!" Marinalite said.

"Oh, okay," Everyone said. "Here's a sword."

"Keep the sword," Marinalite said. "I'll make them all catch on fire."

"Oh, okay," Everyone said.

"Hey, look," A Uruk-hai said. "It's a beautiful, seventeen-year-old girl. She thinks that she can beat us."

"I'm an elf," Marinalite said. "I am going to make you catch on fire." Marinalite stared at all the Uruk-hai, and they all caught on fire. Then, they died.

"You're really cool, Marinalite," Arwen said. "I wish that I was like you."

"Oh, okay," Marinalite said. "Thanks."

"We need to go to Moria," Gandalf said.

"Oh, okay," Everyone said. "We'll meet you there in five minutes. We have to get all of our stuff done."

"Oh, okay," Gandalf said. "I'll see you there in five."

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