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Beregond's Prayer standing on watch

3. Writing process

I started with Beregond’s thoughts on 'Bergil’s staying in Minas Tirith'. I thought he would wish as much protection for his son as possible. Thus the call for the 'Greatest Being' was the first two words generated in my mind. Then I thought why Beregond allowed Bergil to stay.

From the protection of Bergil went my mind in representation of Beregond to Faramir whom he loved obviously also. Faramir as his model soldier sacrificing himself and his wishes for the well-being of others. The most likely future for Beregond.

And lastly I wanted to encompass the future of Beregond and Minas Tirith with Beregond as one of her defenders. So he calls in his mind to strengthen his will for later. The last three words then took some time, to decide what Beregond would fight for. Here I took my own thoughts as I could not envision what Beregond would fight for in the end. 'Freedom' is rather too impersonal for Beregond IMO. But I wanted an uplifting encompassing ending: after first personal thoughts 'stay with me', secondly 'perilous threat' from outside, comes thirdly 'freedom to last' for all compatriots.

Remembering the process I had first 'Greatest Being, help us mortal men' in all three verses which I thought too simple. Thus I searched for other words to replace ‘mortal’ as qualities of mankind in two places.

“Fickle” is illustrated through Beregond's initial decision to secure his son’s life by sending him away and his later double motivation for allowing Bergil to stay in Minas Tirith.

“Mortal” is described through the wounding and dying of soldiers (Faramir in particular) who must stand until others come to die with/for them, that Gondor’s children may not die. The 'children of Gondor' here are meant to encompass all the populace of Gondor not only the non-adults. But preponderance have the small children not able to defend themselves, the hope for future.

"Frail" should invoke the idea of body weakness and the vulnerability to death. Further, 'frail' was to imply beside body-frailness (protect ourselves) also 'frail' minds, likely to flee before great evil and overpowering threats. To overcome the fear such a calling to the Greatest Being is of highest importance in my mind. To strengthen will and stamina. Therefore I think all warriors in all times call to God in its various forms before a battle. Thus I thought movie-Aragorn’s speech before the black gate very ill-advised by its negative thinking. Speaking of what is bad instead of leading the thoughts to that what is good.

On the other hand the image of men acting as walls should also recall Gandalf's assertion that men serve better than gates, indicating the inherent superiority of men (with their bodies and wills) over unthinking stone which can be broken by sheer force. Because walls are only like an armour, it needs the frail body inside to make the armour of use. Only as long as the armoured body lashes out the armour has any use. Undefended walls are easily to overcome by a few ladders or ropes.


A/N: Some parts of the sentences above were written by Dwim when she discussed her impression of the poem. I thank her for the permission to use those words.

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