The Forgotten Ones

Sworn Brothers

10. Chapter nine Trees

Fror and Gror watched the elfling play among the trees, sometimes they joined in on a game of tag. Fror and Gror had never been able to keep up with Elrond and Elros very well. However since Thranduil was younger and closer to their height they were able to keep up with him. Thranduil decided to make for the trees, however Gror caught him first.

"We promised Elrond and Elros we'd keep an eye on you," said Gror. "That means no going where we cannot follow."

"Have you ever tried to climb a tree?" asked Thranduil innocently.

"No," said Fror.

"Then how do you know you can't do it?" asked Thranduil.

"Dwarves do not belong in trees, just like elves do not belong in caves," said Fror.

"You might not be as nimble in the trees as an elf, but you can at least try," said Thranduil. "The trees won't mind."

"How do you know?" asked Gror.

"Because they say so," said Thranduil. "The trees have voices of their own and can speak to those who will listen. They like you. You're not like most dwarves, you don't carry axes."

"How would you know that," said Fror.

"The trees know, they told me," said Thranduil.

"The axes of the dwarves are for slaying orcs not felling tress," said Gror. "Tell them that."

"They can hear you," said Thranduil. "Come, I will help you up."

They reluctantly consented to at least try. Thranduil did not stray far from his friends as they got used to being in the trees. After archery practice Elrond and Elros caught up with their friend and were astonished by what they saw.

"Now I have seen everything!" said Elrond. "We have been trying to get these two to follow us into the trees for decades. How did you manage it?"

"You're friend can speak with the trees," said Fror. "And he is very persuasive."

"The Sindar and Silvan elves have a very close relationship with nature," said Elros. "But I've only heard of the Silvan elves talking to the trees."

"Both Sindar and Silvan elves can talk to the trees," said Thranduil. "Only the trees don't talk to my Ada anymore. They said that they are angry with him, but won't tell me why."

"Gee I wonder why," said Elrond sarcastically.

Just then Fror and Gror's father Nali showed up and asked them why they were climbing trees like elflings. Thranduil told him that they had followed him into the trees and why and asked him not to be angry with them. Nali recognized the little princling as Galadriel's foster son.

"Of course I am not angry with them," said Nali. "Now that I know they were acting out of friendship. You must be a very special elfling, because my sons would not leave the ground for just any elf."

"He isn't just any elf, he can talk with the trees!" said Gror.

"Now I've heard everything, talking trees," said Nali. "Next thing you'll tell me is they can walk too!"

"But they can,. When I passed by Fangorn I saw them move!" said Thranduil.

"You have quite an imagination princling," said Nali.

"I didn't imagine it!" protested Thranduil.

"If Thranduil says he saw trees move, I believe him," said Elros.

"Trees do not move, but Ents do and they look a lot like trees," said Celeborn.

"Lord Celeborn, do you not make any sound while you walk?" asked Nali who was startled by the unexpected voice.

"What are Ents?" asked the twins.

"They are tree herders and The Shepards of the Forrest," said Celeborn. "They are also strange folk, very dangerous and protective of their trees. Do not go looking for them."

"It's time for you to get down from the trees and go get ready for supper," said Celeborn. "Lunch was skipped, supper is being served early because of the last night of the festival is to night. You don't want to miss it?"

"No," said Thranduil as he climbed down from the tree. Just then Celebrian, Celeborn's daughter, came out to tell her father that she had readied a bath for the small elfling.

"So this is the princling," said Celebrian. "He's so cute!"

"Do you think we should rescue him?" asked Elrond.

"Before or after she smothers him with affection?" asked Elros.

"Hush, you two! The poor dear has probably been starved for affection and a few other things," said Celebrian.

"I'd better get the little one inside before his bath water gets cold," said Celeborn. "And the rest of you children should get yourselves ready for supper, all five of you."

Celebrian, Elrond, Elros, Fror and Gror headed Lord Celeborn's words and headed inside.

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