The Forgotten Ones

Sworn Brothers

11. Chapter 10 Lothlorien

The next day Galadriel, Celeborn and four elflings began their journey to Lothlorien. Fror and Gror had to go home, to Moria, but Fror invited the elflings to his coming of age, which would be that autumn. Once the reached Lothlorien they were spotted by three March Wardens; Rumil, Haldir and Orphin.

"Oh no, not those two again!" said Haldir.

"Come off it, you were worse than the two of them combined when you were their age," said Rumil. "And you continue to carry a streak of mischief well into your majority, dear brother. So do not complain about the twins."

"I had to make up for Orphin, I've never seen a more well behaved elfling in my entire life," said Haldir. "I only wish I knew what you had been like as an Elfling."

"You say that as if it were a bad thing, Muindor," said Orphon in mock offence.

"That, Muindor, is the privilege of being the eldest," said Rumil.

"I wonder who the little one ridding with Lord Celeborn is," said Orphin. "He couldn't be anymore than 15."

"We will find out soon enough," said Rumil. "Come on you two. Rumil went to greet his lord and lady. "Lord Celeborn, Lady Galadriel, welcome on your safe return. Who is the little one with you?"

"This is Prince Thranduil of Greenwood," said Celeborn holding the sleeping child.

"Nay, this cannot be. Thranduil is twenty-five as well as malnourished and mistreated," said Celeborn who trusted Rumil completely. "He is our foster son no and I intend to see that he receives the love and care he needs."

"I am sure he will," said Rumil who was shocked that Oropher had mistreated his own son. "How long has this abuse gone on?"

"I suspect since the child could walk," said Celeborn. "It seem that the Oropher I once knew and respected died from grief caused by his wife's passing."

"We all knew he had changed for the worse, however nine of us suspected this," said Galadriel.

"My lord, perhaps it would be better if you did not have to manage both a horse and a sleeping child," said Haldir.

Haldir lead Lord Celeborn's horse, allowing him to cradle the child with both arms. Celeborn allowed him to do this, because Haldir acted out of concern for his well being and the well being of the little one.

It was late when they arrived at Caras Galadhon. Rumil went to stable the horse as Orphin and a few others too the elflings things to their rooms.

"Do you remember where your room is?" asked Galadriel. There was a guest room, appointed to the twins for their stays here.

"Yes," they said.

"Take Thranduil to your room," said Galadriel. "He will stay with you tonight. Tomorrow he will be moved to a room of his own." The twins pouted. "No pouting, Thranduil needs to learn to sleep on his own. He won't always have you to look after him."

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