The Forgotten Ones

Sworn Brothers

16. Chapter 15 Greenleaf.

The next day Celebrian was helping her mother measure Thranduil for some new clothes. Thranduil would not let anyone who he did now know touch him, unless some one he knew and trusted was present. For a while the twins had tried to help, but they tickling him and doing other things to make the elfling laugh. So they were kicked out. The twins wer pouting with Orphon came by.

“You look like elflings that have lost their snuggle bunnies,” said Orphon.

“They got kicked out of the fitting room, for distracting Thranduil,” said Celebrian. “It is very hard to measure a giggling elfling.”

“Thranduil is a growing elfling,” said Orphon. “You will have to get used to this sort of thing for a while. I am going to carve some wooden toys for the young prince. Do you want to help me?”

The twins smiled and their eyes lit up. The followed Orphon out to the workshop and got to work. Orphon worked on a rocking horse that looked like the horse Lord Celeborn rode, Elrond and Elros worked on a puzzle of the green leaf broach of Lorien. Celeborn came in to see how they were doing.

“I can tell Thranduil means a lot to you by the time and effort you are putting into your work,” said Celeborn. “The leaf of Lorien, whose idea was that?”

“Ours,” said Elros.

“Thranduil said that he liked the leaf pins the Lorien elves used on their cloaks,” said Elrond.

“I am sure he will like the puzzle,” said Celeborn. When Celeborn saw what Orphon was making he had to laugh. “I am sure Thranduil will love what you are making, but do not let my horse see that. Shadowbane is an overly proud horse, and will not appriate the resebelance.” Orphon understood the joke and laughed.

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