The Forgotten Ones

Sworn Brothers

17. Chapter 16 Gwador

After Celeborn left, his words had the twins thinking. They did care about Thranduil... a lot. He was as dear to them as a brother. They had always been very protective of him and tried to look out for him as if he were their little brother.

“I’ve been thinking about Lord Celeborn’s words to us and about Thranduil,” said Elros.

“So have I,” said Elrond. “I was thinking about asking him to be our Gwador.”

“I was thinking the same thing,” said Elros. “When do you want to ask him?”

“After lunch?” asked Elrond.

“Sounds good,” said Elros.

The twins went to get cleaned up for lunch. They found Thranduil in the wash room struggling with the soap. He was trying to wash his hands and the soap kept slipping from his grasp.

“Need help, Melon nin?” asked Elrond.

“Yes, the soap keeps getting away,” said Thranduil.

Elrond took the soap and helped the younger elfling wash his hands. Then the twins got cleaned up and headed for lunch. The twins sat Thranduil in between them and this caused the other elflings to pout. They wanted to get to know the new elfling. After lunch the twins took Thranduil aside.

“We have a very important question for you, Melon nin,” said Elrond.

“What is it?” asked Thranduil.

“Elrond and I love you as if you were our brother,” said Elros. “We would like you to be our Gwador.”

Thranduil hugged them and said that he would.

“We have something special to show you,” said Elros.

“It is in your room,” said Elrond.

Elrond and Elros lead Thranduil blindfolded to his room. Once there they took of the blindfold. Thranduil saw the wooden puzzles and the toy horse. Thranduil also notice that his snuggle bunny had a Lorien cloak on it with a cloth Lorien leaf sewn on to hold it together. There was also an elfling- sized cloak on the bed for him with an elfling sized Lorien leaf broach. He also noticed that one of the puzzles was the Lorien leaf. Thranduil hugged the twins.

“We only made the puzzles,” said Elros.

“Orphon made the horse,” said Elrond. “We don’t know about the cloak and the bunny.

“I made the cloak for the bunny,” said Celebrian from the door. “Nana made the cloak and Ada made the broach.”

Thranduil hugged them all, then went and got his bunny.

“You have a green leaf too,” he said. “So that’s what I’ll call you, Legolas!”

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